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Woven Tales of Dice Kayek Haute Couture SS16

When it comes to Dice Kayek, the word original pops up as a light bulb above our head. The SS 16 Woven Tales collection by the creative Paris-based Turkish brand is a story of a dream, that’s oddly familiar yet refreshingly new.


Muted tones dominate the collection, with a few bright red (our favourite look), blue pieces breaking up otherwise a darker and more surreal stream of creations. The oversized bell sleeves add that signature Dice Kayek look that cannot be mistaken with any other couturier.


At times, there are slight accents on nature and fairytale where black feathers and embroidered birds can be seen interacting with the fabrics. The collection has an almost mystical feel to it while the accents of femininity mixed with raw power add a sense of adaptability and flexibility of each piece. This is not something one would wear once and put away.


The Cinderella Silk organza bride finale dress is the gemstone of the collection, which took ten days to be made by hand and is nothing short of breathe taking. Woven Dreams is a daydream of couture, a world of chiaroscuro with ambiguous, poetical and metaphysical beauty. It is a fantasy that dares to become reality.