Sunday, May 16, 2021
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You have probably seen serums, cleansers and moisturizers showcasing active


By Pascale E. Nakhle, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, MA Self-sabotage comes in


The current global health crisis is slowly altering how people manage their physical and mental wellbeing. While Holistic healing is not new, more people

When we talk about hydration, most people associate it with hot humid summer days.   However, you can still get dehydrated during winter! It’s true we

Corticosteroids (often just called “steroids” or heard as cortisone) are synthetic and are used in the form of oral pills, nasal sprays and creams

New Year, New Hope     Failure. Such a terrifying word that our inner critics tend to use so frequently. It is real, and it hurts. Overcoming

By Michelle Gilbert   A JOYFUL 2021   What a year last year was!!   Well, with the solution being put into place, why not focus on YOU, your health

Gout is a type of arthritis which causes sleepless nights to many by causing joint pain attacks especially in the big toe as well

By Michelle Gilbert   Food for thought…….   In the last few months we have covered many aspects of thinking and feeling and we are going to start

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