Monday, September 28, 2020
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  By Michelle Gilbert   How far would you go to change your life around? Within our lives we look at trends and fashions and follow them, that’s

By Nathalie Jabrayan Senior clinical Dietitian   For the past eight years throughout my clinical practice as a Dietitian, I came to realize that one out of

By Nadia Warrayat No one can argue against the magic in the state of euphoria induced by falling in love - for the ones that

By Michelle Gilbert What? Okay, so here it is the truth. You’re being fed information that makes you feel inadequate, it feeds on your fear, unless

By Lena Janina Barbie. The name that today is known worldwide and on every single continent. She started out in the hands of American businesswoman

By Nadia Warrayat   Eva, a resident of Dubai with Swedish and Argentinean roots, has been making strides at a young age. From being featured in

Written by Khalid Hatem When you merely mention Piemonte, you automatically think of luxury gems, gold, silver as well as jewelers and workshops dotted around