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Guirlande de Cartier: Celebrating The Maison Iconic Case

More than just a bag, the Guirlande de Cartier marks the Jewellery case as a new artistic departure for the Maison celebrating its iconic case.

Cartier is captivated by its most iconic object: the case. Taking it in new directions, the Maison once again lays claim to a creative vision that unveils beauty in all its forms, from function to design.  The Guirlande de Cartier leather goods collection marks the Jewellery case as a new artistic departure for the Maison.

The Maison is writing a new chapter in a history that includes the jewellery bags of the 1910s, the lifestyle of the Must de Cartier collections in the late 1960s, and the diverse looks of its collections in the 2000s. More than just a bag, Guirlande de Cartier is the very essence of a Maison infused in a formidable form with eight clean-cut facets carved into luxuriant supple calfskin and stamped with a gold frieze.

The collection currently showcases three sizes of a single silhouette, soon to be enriched in Spring 2019. The same three colours of leather found historically on cases adorned with a golden wreath – “garland of flowers” or “butterfly” – reminiscent of the  century. The set finishes off with an exquisite edition of a miniature bag in patent crocodile.

A collection in step with Cartier’s great jewellery heritage where as much care goes into what is seen as is unseen. The black velvet inside the bags has been turned into a leather lining. The Maison’s persona runs deep in this collection. Its three native cities – Paris, London, and New York – are stamped on the front of a mirror that slips into a secret slot.

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