Cartier’s Coloratura high-jewelry collection celebrates vibrant colour and artistic cultures in every way. Driven by a universal curiosity, the Maison investigates creative diversity; uniting the four corners of the globe and blending the variety of vast continents alongside their local traditions.

The diversity of the world offers a rich palette. Colours combine; horizons meet. Together they compose a dynamic score: the vibrant colours of India, the uncompromising contrasts of Asia and the Orient, the subtle palettes of Japan, and the staccato shades of Africa are united by a shared vision of style and a jubilant spirit.

Each piece in the collection is a one-of-a-kind work of art, although several pieces can be reproduced. The series includes individual necklaces, as well as complete suites of jewelry inspired by a specific culture or colour.

One of the recurrent skills used in the making of the collection, is hand-carving of precious stones using the ancient art of glyptic. This art can be observed in one of the pieces features this art is a pendant in the shape of a rubellite rough stone that has been hand-carved to be filled with perfume.  The bottle weighs more than 200 carats of rubellite, and the 18-karat yellow gold necklace features beads made of 27.70 carats of chalcedony, 67.66 carats of chrysoprase, 22.21 carats of Morganite, 24.50 carts of onyx, 1.20 carats of orange garnets and more than 5 carats of diamonds.

Also within the same stunning collection, an exceptional suite caught our eye, inspired by the brands colour combinations used in jewels of the early 20th century, like black and green – using lush tourmalines, rich green opals and black onyx or lacquer for striking beauty. This new suite features geometric appeal, with angled, rectangular and square motifs paired with round shapes.