Marni Pushes The Boundaries within Eyewear Design

One thing we do know is that summer is definitely here, and Marni are within perfect timing too!

Marni’s new eyewear collection combines chromatic contrast and futuristic geometric shapes, resulting in fabulous, fresh and sharp looks. This collection is exclusively available to purchase at Grand Optics.

See our chosen selection of glasses from their collection.

Marni Ghost ( 1,690 AED ) This frame plays with chromatic contrasts and futuristic geometric shapes, while mixing artisanal research and an unconventional design. Available in Black/Havana, Green/Blue and Bordeaux/Havana                                                   
Marni Horizon ( 1,150 AED ) The perfection of a circle in a pair of glasses characterized by a soft, rounded silhouette and balanced hues. The colour scheme includes Green/Blue, Blue/Grey, Bordeaux/Havana.


Marni Curve ( 1,950 AED ) The round lenses are inserted on a squared brow line, unique with precious contrasting details and creating an interesting shape. Unusual colour palette: Green/Rose Gold, Blue/Brown, Red/Plum and Ochre/Blue.