de GRISOGONO Presents The Art of Technicolor

Through its Haute Joaillerie collections, de GRISOGONO celebrates cinema and the women who personify it: the women it has been adorning with colours for seventeen years on the Festival steps.

The Art of Technicolor and its colourful filters began applying their distinctive style to films in the 1920s, Almost a century later, de GRISOGONO – the jeweller of colour, pays tribute to the origins of colour in cinema, the technology that revolutionised the industry and lit up the silver screen with the power of nuances. Both these pioneers in their respective fields of cinema and jewellery chose to raise colour to a unique art form.

This mastery of nuances has written the history of the jeweller in a distinctive style recognisable in its bold combinations, its setting techniques, its jewellery in motion, its mingled gem cuts and its generous volumes, creating a whole host of subtle nuances, letting the light play out in shimmering reflections and setting colour free.

A collection as rich in nuances as a chromatic circle, creations to be mixed and matches as desired; electrifying jewellery sets in dazzling shades that will bring vivid colour to the red carpet.

In a preview unveiling of five Haute Joaillerie rings, de GRISOGONO has instilled in its creations the first three colours of cinema: emerald green, ruby red and sapphire blue. Three colours that give life through subtractive synthesis to three new shades: magenta, cyan and yellow, joined by the trendiest secondary colour of them all, combining red and blue into purple.