The Birthstone Of June, Focuses On Robert Wan’s Precious Pearl: Ensó

Robert Wan, the premiere producer of the world’s most precious Tahitian pearls, has teamed up with luxury jewellery designer, Arnaud Flambeau, to present their latest endeavour: the $3.5 Million Ensó necklace. Every strand of the necklace is a story in elegance.

Arnaud, inspired by his extensive travels to Japan, drew upon his fascination with the “Ensó” Symbol in Japanese Calligraphy to conjure up the design. The ancient symbol is of a single, purposeful brushstroke in the shape of a circle drawn in blank ink against a white canvas.

“Japan is one of my favourite places to travel in the past 15 years” Arnaud said.

“It was there that I fell in love with the juxtaposition of power and simplicity of the Ensó, and wanted to embody this feeling in this special collaboration.” This inspired the design of Ensó: a three strand necklace created with 18 Cascading Peacock Tahitian pearls, and 101 Carats of brilliant diamonds. Each stone is meticulously measured and perfected by hand by diamond artisans.

Inspired by “Ensó” the Ancient symbol in Japanese calligraphy, Photography: Stephane Ait Ouarab

Among the special features in this necklace is the combination of the gorgeous iridescent colour of the Peacock pearls next to the unique cuts of the diamonds, creating an unparalleled reflection. The wearer is also given the freedom to express their style of the moment by wearing all the strands together or detaching them to be worn separately.

“My hope is this necklace will exude a similar feeling to the wearer as it does for me when I designed it, one that is marked by profound grace and elegance coming together full circle” says Arnaud.

Robert Wan’s Tahitian Pearls are recognized for their exceptional quality, their fascinating lustre, and their incredible and unique colours from peacock (blue-green) to grey and cherry. They are especially coveted for their remarkable size beyond 13mm. For more than 40 years, the Robert Wan Group has been internationally developing its activity around the Tahitian Pearl, constantly improving the quality of these unique gems and pursuing ultimate perfection. The beauty of the Tahitian Pearl, with its variety in shapes, sizes and colours, allows for truly exquisite and innovative jewellery.

Ensó Pearl carries Wan’s exceptional quality and fascinating lustre, Photography: Stephane Ait Ouarab

Quality Tahitian pearls are considered by many to be among the finest gems in the world. Every pearl is unique. They are extremely difficult to match to create pairs or strands and some strands may take years and several harvests to complete. This explains why a strand of 35 well-matched pearls is far more expensive than 35 loose pearls bought individually. Although Tahitian pearls are characterised by dark base colours of black or dark grey, they appear in a variety of shades from shimmering pale ‘moon grey’ through to the most dazzling shades of cherry, peacock blue and green, Tahitian gold, silver and copper.

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