Who’s That Girl: Hadia Ghaleb

Who’s that girl? Good question. Hadia Ghaleb is one of the influencers’ at the forefront of our region’s fashion, style and social media industry, not only as one of the youngest but with international accolades under her designer belt.

Egypt’s style chameleon, Hadia Ghaleb, has not only grown up, but blossomed within the industry; so much so, she calls Dubai her home base now. CEO of her company GPH (Ghaleb Production House) Hadia is a real life testament of passion for fashion, and a really sharp eye for savvy style.

Who influ­ences you?

My father is my biggest influencer and inspiration. He has always condi­tioned me to have work ethics, be suc­cessful and work hard.

I also consider Chi­ara Ferragni as one of my biggest influ­ences, because she was able to turn all her fame and so­cial media follow­ing into a lucrative business.

What do you consider as your breakthrough moment within social media?

This is a very difficult question to answer. I have so many. But if I have to choose one it would be the day I got my instagram verified. Who knew a normal girl who loved to dress up and take pictures with her phone would turn into a celebrity because of it.

As an influencer and a role model to many followers, how do you implement entrepreneurship, motivation and en­couragement?

I always post about my company, always try to show my followers that I lead by example. I always document the work we do and explain that it doesn’t come easy and that yes I do travel and have fun but I also work hard for those privileges.

Hadia, is the perfect example of a style chameleon

How would you de­scribe your signature style?

The fact I don’t have a signature style, is my actual signature! My style is that it’s super di­verse- one day I’m girly, one day I’m tomboyish, another I’m preppy, and an­other I’m boho!

Which regional designer do you think has made the big­gest impact on the market?

Elie Saab, his designs has put us on the fashion map and his empire keeps on growing. I’m proud that he’s an Arab designer.

Who is your most favourite Global designer and why?

I don’t have a favourite global designer, too many!

In your opinion what do you consider as your most suc­cessful marketing project?

Our campaigns for e-commerce websites are always a hit because we are able to measure the direct impact sales and it’s huge! Also our Rayban campaign that is now fea­tured on the global website as the banner.

How do you see the influencers market developing?

The influencers market by time will become like any other de­mand/supply commodity with clear guidelines. The influencers number will increase and so will the need for them by brands.

Hadia, has garnered an impressive following on social media through her flawless style

As CEO of GPH, and a style/fashion influencer, how do you balance these role elements?

It’s very hectic, and consuming. I’m always plugged to my phone and can hardly take any time off. To balance these two roles, I always have to remind myself of what’s actually important: my family, being true to myself and being grateful to god. That’s how I keep my sanity.

What are GPH’s upcoming campaigns or projects?

Some super-exciting stuff that requires some exotic travelling!

You can find Hadia Ghaleb on Instagram @hadiaghaleb Facebook @hadiaghalebofficial and GPH on Instagram @gph_