Written by Catherine Vergara Pictures from Loló

Jiribilla is a Mexicanism with several meanings. It can refer to the rotating movement of an object thrown like a ball or also to a very restless person. In this case, applied to the Mexican cuisine, it means that it has an extra joy and a restless turn of the dishes that are popularly known. This is how Loló Wine & Food defines not only its food but its way of being.

Loló is a family restaurant that has earned well-deserved fame within the city of Guadalajara in Mexico. It is located in two of the most exclusive points of the city and it is impossible to let it go unnoticed, thanks to its kitsch decoration with winks of Mexican pop culture in every corner.

Even its musical environment complements the Latin wave when it sounds salsa and takes turns with modern beats.

They recently updated their menu by adding a dish that turns out to be a Mexican delicacy: the beef tongue. Involving, of course, the jiribilla on the plate: The tongue requires a delicate preparation if it is to be successful. In this case, the tongue is cooked slowly for twelve hours before being dipped in barbecue sauce and served with refried beans and tender cactus salad.

They also have the Mexican specialties of the sea, such as “tiraditos” from octopus or kampachi fish (mexican version of the carpaccio), which can make good company to several of their cocktails. Many of them are an exquisite opportunity to enjoy tequila in a more colorful way than the traditional one.

This jiribilla does not end even in the desserts. The most curious thing you can find is their version of the classic crème brûlée, named Miguelito. Prepared with goat’s milk candy and served with guava ice cream. A perfect ending to this Latin gastronomic adventure.

Loló is open from Monday to Sunday from 1 pm to midnight.  It can be enjoyed at Paseo Andares or Punto São Paulo in Guadalajara.