Marwa Hassan, The Savvy Style Influencer

Marwa Hassan is a lady on a mission, a mission to highlight hijabi, Islamic fashion through impeccable styling with true taste. Marwa, who defines herself as an Egyptian designer of her own namesake brand, as well as being a hijabi model, style influencer and blogger: proving that it’s something that she is truly interested in, for all the right reasons, let alone done with utter passion and perfectionism.

What started out as a simple aim to raise the standards and taste within hijabi wear, turned into designing her own, she describes her standards as ‘High, and each look designed and created is with easy production and availability. With its key influence based upon veiled, respectable and modern taste; targeting international brands and A style categories’.  

Marwa Hassan Blooming In One Of Her Own Designs “Marwa Hassan Couture”
Marwa’s designs and style can be simply described as demure and coherent, with a loveable chic charm

Her designs and style can be simply described as demure and coherent, with a loveable chic charm. Marwa Hassan Couture works within modest ranges of Skirts, Dresses, and Abayas, to Cardigans, Blazers, Vests, as well as Jumpsuits and office wear women’s suits.

Marwa’s social media presence and ability to inspire is mesmerizing and somewhat impressive, with a staggering amount of followers; just under the half million mark to be precise, she truly is a success story-a story of youth, courage and a young lady with a dream. Along with her undeniable power of savvy style within hijab style, she has an impressive portfolio of acknowledgments: from MBC TV and CBC TV, to a variety of local and regional online press, Marwa is self branding at its best, she speaks style, her style.

Marwa is self branding at its best, she speaks style, her style

With her impressive social media presence, and a style inspirer to thousand’s, it’s inevitable she would become an Influencer. Social media influencers, or millennials are something of the modern day business strategy- hiring them to develop their brand identity, customer interaction and digital impressions, which are crucial within today’s market and business. Marwa, as an influencer has a hectic schedule, more than others who are in the same game as her. She can be seen within various leading online campaigns and adverts, or attending fashion events, shows and boutique openings- raising one brand’s name at a time.

Asking Marwa about her influences, and her opinion on social media strategies was interesting, however her optimism is incredible not to mention her multi-tasking and time management skills.

*As an Egyptian designer, blogger, stylist and social media influencer, how do you see Egypt within the Middle East market  

I see that the fashion scene is growing at an incredibly fast pace in Egypt allowing it to leave a mark on the Middle East market. It truly is remarkable to see, and be part of.

 *As a hijabi style blogger, do you think it’s becoming more popular than before?

The hijabi market has existed for the longest time ever without being catered to. However, there is a significant amount of Middle Eastern designers emerging; hijabi women are finally being catered to. It makes me happy to see the hijabi market grow and become popular as it is very much needed.

* More and more companies are using influencers-millennials to promote, interact with their development of business, do you think this will become more permanent in Egypt

I think the ‘influencers’ tactic has been happening long before blogger influencers became a thing. So, before the influencers were celebrity actors or singers. Blogger influencers are just a new category option to the market. So yes, I do this as something that will be around for a long time, but I also believe that new categories will be created within the market.

It makes Marwa happy to see the hijabi market grow and become popular as it is very much needed.

 * Who do you look up to: your idols or inspiration?

My role model is Samah Safi Bayazid, she is an accomplished woman with impeccable style. Knowing that she is the first hijabi filmmaker inspires me and makes me fight harder for my dreams and goals.

*How do you see Islamic fashion globally, such as Prada and Dolce & Gabbana have created specific collections for our market. Do you see this happening more and becoming more accepting globally?

Globally, Islamic fashion is finally making a mark. It definitely is a revelation! I still believe that on a global scale the market can support hijabi women more. It would also be incredible to also see smaller global brands support the women of Islam.

 * You really have a lot going on- designing, style blogging and social media influencing with attendance of events, how do you prioritise what is best for you and your image

It can definitely be get a little challenging sometimes especially that I’m in my final year at university however, I truly believe that it is because I’m doing something that I absolutely love, it makes this challenge an absolute pleasure. Also the amount of heart-warming support I receive from my followers makes me want to strive for more. Especially when I read messages from my young hijabi followers I automatically find the strength to keep going because their support is also a reminder of why I am doing this in the first place.

* What do you have planned for the best future any projects lined up or any travelling planned

I’m currently working on a few different projects that I will be surprising my Hijabi supporters with. I’m always looking for different ways to support modest fashion in general. As for travelling, it is always on my list and will finally be able to do a lot more travelling when I graduate. Recently I took a trip to India and Dubai; it was incredible- the sense of culture and style identity. I hope to travel more in the future to meet different hijabi designers and bloggers and find ways to support one another in challenging market. As I truly believe that when women support one another the impact is magical.

Marwa hopes to travel more in the future, to meet different hijabi designers and bloggers and find ways to support one another in the challenging market.