Haute Fashion Blogging From Milano with Lorenzo de Caro

Italian influencer, Lorenzo de Caro, of Naples descent, has made an incredible name and following for himself. Concentrating on luxury lifestyle, through fashion, food, automobiles, and travel, Lorenzo has given us insights into his fabulous world, full of enviable campaigns and experiences. Since October 2013, Lorenzo decided to share his life digitally, and with that came a mass of followers and fans, both in admiration for him and his impeccable style.

Discovering his blog and inspirational portfolio of epic names, was enough to be encouraged by, with fashion powerhouses such as Lanvin, Givenchy, DSquared2, to Fiorucci, to the incredible Tommy Hilfiger project. However, if fashion and style isn’t your obsession, then automobile fanatics will be impressed by Ferrari and Jaguar, travel junkies will be dazzled with Marrakech, Mykonos and Tokyo, and not forgetting the irresistible sweet campaigns with Magnum ice-cream and Nutella!

It’s hard to not acknowledge such hard work and impeccable style, from a young creative. Currently Lorenzo is working at Corriere della Sera Magazine, juggling his career with his passion, living each day as a dream, and inspiring a lot of people.

Total look- The Gigi

With an impressive following on Instagram, how much of an impact has it had?

When I first started out, it was regular organic growth, and you do not realise how quickly it escalates into a large following, with a big impact. However, the larger following, gives a larger impact-  for example; being hosted in bars and restaurants, or shops, simply because they follow me. You must learn to live with it, and not find it embarrassing, it’s a mutual way of gratitude. However, at times it’s overwhelming, and sometimes you are considered almost a celebrity to some folk.

In terms of engagement and interaction on social media, what is the most popular?

If we are talking about pictures, the posts that get the most likes are those of me. However, I try to share a balanced portfolio, not just of me, to ensure my flowers it’s not just about me, it’s about fashion, style, automotive, travel and food- luxury lifestyle in a nutshell. However, in terms of style/trends within popularity, the most engagement comes from posts in which I’m spontaneous about my style- when it’s unexpected.

How would you describe yourself in five words?

Five words is not enough! However, if have to choose the ones that best represent me are: stubborn, generous, affectionate, arrogant (according to others) and ultimately good.

What would you say is your most favourite campaign you have worked on?

I have many that I carry in my heart, from the very first one, Magnum ice-cream, to my latest fashion campaign with Tommy Hilfiger. Although, all of them are my favourite, I see them all as equally as amazing, however, they stand out as it was the beginning of my career, and my most recent.

Total Look- Burberry

What is your most liked post and why?

Currently, the post that has had the most success dates back to last summer, in Japan, where I am in a bathtub, in the Aman Hotel, with the reflection of the skyscrapers of Tokyo. I think as a visual it’s mix of lifestyle and concepts, making it visually bold, and likable.

 Fashion and food are a perfect match, can you tell us more about the Bulgari experience?

I was a guest at the Bulgari Restaurant in Tokyo, where Luca Fantin, the chef of the restaurant, made me try cuisine with refined flavours. Obviously, with an important name like Bulgar, it would never ever have had of disappointed my expectations! It was a very memorable experience and dinner- every little detail completed it.

What was your best travel destination and why?

I have two that I will carry forever in my heart; the first is Marrakech, a place so far from me and my world, that it made me discover the beauty of nature and genuine things. The second is Tokyo, a city populated by the most friendly and conciliatory human beings I have ever seen in my life. A unique experience that I recommend to anyone; not only for the beauty of the place, but for its wonderful people.

How do you see the future within the fashion influencing market and PR campaigns?

I think communicating now without the digital world can no longer exist. Just think of the newspapers that are almost all online now. The world of the influencers will evolve, day after day, with more and more becoming stronger, and a point of reference for young people of the next generation.

Total Look- Burberry

Discover Lorenzo de Caro, here.