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Tatiana Vishnevskaya

She is a Russian TV presenter, Radio broadcaster and a socialite with a strong interest in fashion and all things luxury. With ever growing Russian cultural presence in the UAE, we wanted to speak to


She is a Russian TV presenter, Radio broadcaster and a socialite with a strong interest in fashion and all things luxury. With ever growing Russian cultural presence in the UAE, we wanted to speak to Tatiana, who has successfully built her image in the competitive Dubai.

Where does your Dubai story start?

My friends invited me to a horse race back in Moscow. I was not an expert in this field, but I made a bet on one horse intuitively. There is a saying – newcomers are lucky. And so, my small horse crossed the finish line first and brought me a round ticket to Dubai. That’s how I found myself celebrating a new year on an Emirates Airlines aircraft. Just as I walked out of a plane I realised that Dubai was my love at first sight. It is here, where I fully felt the meaning of a famous Oscar Wilde’s saying: “I’m a man of simple tastes. I’m always satisfied with the best.”

How long have you been living in Dubai for?

This is my third summer. When I first came to the UAE, it was a new wonderful world for me. I can not say that my first impression passed completely – Dubai still has a lot of emotions and experiences to offer.

What are the difficulties that you have to face living here?

Middle Eastern mentality usually considers only men to be in business. But as they say – you can take the road by walking. Therefore, I gathered all my will in a fist and moved forward with doing business in Dubai. At the beginning, I had to constantly prove that a woman also has the right to participate in major projects. Cold meetings, empty talks, zero results – that’s what I was facing every day. On my arrival to the UAE, I opened a media agency and no one took me seriously. Now I smile when I think about all that, but three years ago I thought nothing could be worse. Eventually, after much effort on the part of my creative team and all those sleepless nights, first small victories began to show. People started talking about first female Russian TV and Radio presenter who appeared in the media business in the UAE. All I could do is just move forward. Later, I learned that Emirati women have very strong positions, both in political and social life as well.


What makes Dubai a special place on Earth for you?

Dubai is an amazing place; a true harmony of oriental flavour and a measured pace of life combined with the achievements of Western progress, technology and European way of doing business. I bow to the Emirati women and their ability to combine chivalry, courtesy and firmness. To meet this level you need inexhaustible reserves of patience. Speaking about men of the region – they always must meet highest possible expectations; they always have to be, as they say, faster, taller, stronger. It gives a special charm of life in the Emirates, and naturally has an impact on the business part of it. My life is quite simple, but working: if you have a desire to achieve something, be sure you will achieve it, no matter what. Wherever you may be, on the French Riviera, in Moscow or in Dubai – the ability to be yourself and to concentrate on the goal will always guide you to your victory.

Did you change after those three years here?

Life has taught me patience and this country gave me an amazing sense of peace, even when I have to solve dozens of issues in one go. They say, Middle East is a delicate matter – and I am completely satisfied with this oriental meaning of life. Before I moved to Dubai, I worked at a leading Russian TV channel – RBC. RosBusinessConsulting employs a very serious structure, and I had plenty of responsible tasks there. I had to understand and be fluent in global politics and economics. Now I have three projects that I develop with the help of my trusted friends and partners. However, I do not lose connection with my Russian colleagues, so I also participate in various TV projects across the CIS countries. Along with that, I have my own programme about luxury living on the only Russian radio-station in the UAE – Autoradio UAE 103.2FM. I write about life here for different luxury lifestyle Russian magazines. Russia has a major interest in living in the Arab countries and I am pleased to share my experience.

What is the key to your success?

Everything I have reached at the moment is because of full support of my husband and my family. I’m sure I have a lot more to learn, but now I’m totally not afraid to face the future.

Photographer: Mohammed Abuhayeh

MUAH: Anna Kvitka

Dress and Jacket: Kristina Fidelskaya

Jewellery: House of Maximilian, London

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