New Black Opium Eau De Toilette #PASSITON

Light me up. Light you up. Let’s make an electric bond, which is unbreakable. Let’s share this euphoric experience- we’ll glow together. Then we’ll pass it on.

Get Your Glow On

Welcome to the YSL Black Opium Glowing Eau de Toilette. An introduction. A rite of passage, and an initiation to a community that’s energised, impulsive and wanting to share the ride.

A fragrance that lives in the moment yet shares its quest for the unexpected; it leaves a trail of memories and the desire for new experiences. Easy to wear, the light and subtle blend has a feminine touch, perfect for passing on to the rest of the girl squad.

The Bottle: The Circle Of Light

Like a beating heart in a night of darkness, the glowing essence of the Black Opium Glowing Eau de Toilette bottle beams positive vibes from its core. The familiar square bottle covered in pink and black glitter, has the iconic circle at the centre, this time illuminated with its name written in metallic pink. Eminently collectable, immediately desirable, it shines like a beacon, a clarion call to Black Opium fans the world over, symbolic of the sensual tension between light and shadow.

Neon Lights

The electrifying bottle of Black Opium Glowing Eau de Toilette is passed from girl to girl, woman to woman, and even to boy- hand over hand.

Experienced differently; the emotion, that sense of exhilaration and excitement is what they have in common.

A universe of new and unexpected shared experiences, that glows for ever more. One moto: pass it on.