Moschino X H&M: Designer Collaboration

Moschino X H&M: Designer Collaboration

Every year, H&M collaborates with a high-end fashion label. For 2018, it’s Moschino, notably fronted by model-of-the-moment; Gigi Hadid.

However, as the November 8th launch date approaches- in what will almost undoubtedly be a frenzied, massively successful drop given Moschino’s punchy graphics and all-eyes-on-me swagger- the company is revealing a few more tricks up its sleeves, including a capsule-within-a-collection, with dream-makers Disney.

Most fashionistas know that Moschino is designed by Jeremy Scott; the vivacious and sometimes outrageous creator known for sending out dresses depicting interpretations of Snickers logos, McDonald’s arches, among others. While some designers can approach collaborations; especially of the high-meets-low variety with a withholding hand, doling out just a percentage of their brand’s DNA, Jeremy Scott has opened the Moschino floodgates.

There are all the elements you’ve come to expect from Scott’s tenure at the house (notably, the use of cartoon characters, Mickey Mouse and his Disney friends, in this case), as well as some that dig deeper into the house’s archives (that signature gold-hardware-on-black aesthetic and, of course, a dash of societal subversion here and there), and some that are unusual for this type of collaboration (a liberal use of the brand’s logo). Indeed, it was actually H&M that had to bend its standard practices, rather than the other way around. The collection includes more accessories than previous H&M designer collaborations, and, intriguingly, while the Swedish-based chain never puts its logo on the outside of its own clothes, it did allow Scott to use a mashed-up “H&Moschino” mark.

H&M’s creative adviser Ann-Sofie Johansson, whose role includes overseeing the retailer’s designer collaborations, was instantly on the same page. Her team had selected images from recent Moschino collections that could serve as inspirations and was pleased to find that Scott was already thinking the same thing.

“He knew that he wanted to have some of the overt Moschino pieces, like the vintage Moschino pieces, and then mix that together with something that may even be more him, like the cartoons and the MTV things, which is very much all this kind of pop culture phenomenon that he loves,” says Johansson.