Lunch, Teas and Biscuits

If you’ve got a craving for something sweet or simply amazing to have tea or coffee with, look no further. We bring you two polar opposites (in concept), however almost twins in service and quality for a great lunch in the desert. Read on for this month’s top lunch spots-the fun way.


This place was so sincerely decorated and pretty good for a casual, but hearty breakfast or lunch. Located in JLT, Fraiche is easy to find, and has a fun atmosphere due to the always-upbeat community it is in. We got different egg benedicts on English muffins and carrot juice, coupled up with some freshly-brewed coffee. For desserts there are plenty of choices ranging from pancakes to the amazing banana bread which we could not finish. Having pancakes right after an egg benedict may leave you stuffed, so proceed with caution. We highly recommend you take a break between these two delicious meals. All in all, Fraiche is an excellent place to hang out with your friends, family or your partner in a relaxing atmosphere.


Leopold’s of London

Can we say we are in love? Located at the JBR Beach, this two-storey restaurant is a gem. It has been a very long time since we stayed in one place as much as we stayed there. Yes, we had our lunch for over three hours. The atmosphere of Leopold’s of London is sincere and relaxing. The food is impeccably prepared and presented, followed by an incredible array of different teas and coffees, which are prepared for you in front of your eyes, right there, on your table.  The tea is typically served on a tray and, depending on the kind, you are instructed on how to brew it to get the most flavour.

As it was too hot to sit on the terrace, we had to stay inside, yet, in winter one could spend a gorgeous afternoon next to the sea with an amazing view of the beach. Thsi is a definite 5-star experience for everyone.