The Diverse and Driven Jazzebelle

Jazzebelle, or known as Al Jazi Rakan, is not only diverse and driven, but completely in love with every aspect of her career and passion. As a full-time dentist, her evenings and spare time is spent sinking into her world of philanthropy and blogging. Her deep-rooted connection to philanthropy and charitable work comes from her childhood, which was instilled in her from a young age from her mother- doing good, for the good. Jazzebelle goes on to say; ‘As an ambassador for the holistic health awareness initiative, 10 KSA, which focuses on breast cancer, seen us succeed within raising funds and awareness, however, in the process we managed to break the Guinness world record for largest human pink ribbon formation. This is something I’m incredibly proud of, and feel women should empower women. But internationally, I also raised awareness and funds for R.E.D organisation, which seen me join their mission to end AIDS, which was part of the cash & Rocket RED tour.’

The Saudi blogger Jazzebelle, uses her dentistry as the foundations of image consultancy, thus founding the first image consultancy clinic in Saudi Arabia. I mean who wouldn’t agree a smile is one of the first things you notice? Using your looks, she creates harmony and balance, creating a dazzling smile that suits you, adding instant confidence to your look.

However, her own personal style made fashionistas sit-up and take notice, being recognised in several glossy fashion publications simultaneously.

However, fashion, beauty, art and travel far out-weighs image consultancy, hence founding her own fashion label Jazzebelle ™. In which she designed a capsule collection of Abaya’s in collaboration with Saudi Abaya designer Madawi Aleesa, a few years back. However, her own personal style made fashionistas sit-up and take notice, being recognised in several glossy fashion publications simultaneously. The taste of recognition from industry insiders, gave Jazzebelle the taste of something that she didn’t want to end. From her first taste of acknowledgement up until today, Jazzebelle has become a successful Saudi Arabian blogger which sees her website as what’s trending in the Kingdom, and beyond.

You’re a dentist, philanthropist, image consultant and blogger, what inspired you to be so diverse within industries?

Whether it’s my Gemini drive to be versatile, or simply my inner-conviction that these interests of mine aren’t so diverse, but are elements complementing and completing each other in this one big canvas I call life. We all strive to lead a happy colourful well-balanced one, and what is life and happiness if not shared? I found this in these different interest’s, such as common grounds of art, beauty and the love of sharing with others.

Can you tell us about your philanthropy work and dentistry career in more detail?

At a very young age I would accompany my mother to various charitable activities and help in fundraisers, so it was a natural outcome later that I would dedicate part of my life to philanthropy.

Dentistry itself is a full-time career, dedicated to helping others and providing some sort of relief in the community. However, I’m also an active member and ambassador to several philanthropic NGO’s and charitable societies in Saudi Arabia. I also use my social media platform to help promote awareness, and raise donations to these Entities. Though my work primarily serves my community and Region, I’ve also partaken in Global fundraisers and awareness campaigns such as the “Cash&Rocket- RED tour 2012” benefitting United Nations Foundation and aiding RED organization on their mission delivering an AIDS free generation, in the future.

We all strive to lead a happy colourful well-balanced one, and what is life and happiness if not shared?

Who or what is your fashion and style inspiration?

The list of my fashion and style inspirations keeps growing with time, but I always start with my Mother on top of that list. However, I would say my celebrity style and fashion icon is Amal Clooney. She is the perfect example how elegance and style needn’t stop at one’s outer skin layer; she has elegance within style, mind and soul, and that is what inspires me most.

Your most favourite designer, and why? 

Chanel is my favourite. Why? Besides the fact the label was created by Coco Chanel; an inspiration who overcome her circumstances and triumphed, through redefining the process the way women dressed in 20th century. But also to me, Chanel, is sustainable label of long-term value. A classic that remains beautiful, and always in-style. Chanel is a lifelong investment. I don’t like disposable fashion that lasts a season or two then out of style, bringing me back to the question- so, when has Chanel ever been out of style? Never.

What is your most memorable moment so far? 

As a Saudi woman I will always remember the moment our beloved King Salman, issued the decree allowing women to drive. Such a major milestone for the entire Country.

In terms of travel, what would you say is your best trip or hotel stay, and why? 

Every trip I take I think of as my best trip until I go on the next one. Few years ago, I decided to change my travelling habits from the usual leisure trips, to the usual European destinations, into exploration and discovery journeys. I’ve been trying to experience new cultures through travel to new places I’ve never been before. I guess I’m just another globe-trotter in the making. My last trip to Japan was most memorable so far, and my bucket list goes on.

The list of my fashion and style inspirations keeps growing with time.

You concentrate on fashion, style and travel, what do you find the most successful in terms of followers and online engagement?

So far, the highest engagement on social media I have had was during my travels. It’s easy to understand why, since your audience gets to travel with you from the comfort of their homes and explore first-hand the new cultures you share through your journey. It allows them to get a view through your lens of possible future destinations they dream to embark on some day.

What’s your opinion on the fashion and style industry within UAE? 

UAE is one of the most inspirational, exciting and successful countries in the world. With its growing and diverse economy, it is an immensely attractive destination for tourists and businesses alike. Fashion is no different, today UAE is an established hub in the Middle East not only exporting regional fashion worldwide, but also helping their international counterparts to tap into the region’s lucrative market and engage with Middle East audiences.

Do you have any upcoming projects or plans? 

Just launched my website, serving at time being as a wider platform to my blogging and philanthropic career but in future this website next step will be online based market. There’s so much still yet to come but all within time, however, in the meantime follow me on social media or subscribe to my blog if you wish to know more!

You can follow @jazzebelle on Instagram.