How To Make Your Fragrance Last Longer

Don’t we all want our fragrance to last all day? Smelling good is always great, and gives us a refreshing feeling. Below are a few tips and tricks which are really helpful in making the fragrance last longer.

Spray perfume on the dress while it’s hung in the wardrobe a few hours before you’re intending to wear it. The trick to making it last further is layering the fragrance; by using a nicely scented shower gel, followed by spraying mist after your shower, finished by perfume on damp skin, instead of dry skin. This helps to lock the fragrance, so make sure that you apply the fragrance from a distance of six-inches, and not directly.

Spraying Perfume on your inner-wrist helps retain the fragrance for longer

Spraying the perfume on these warmer areas, such as- wrist, elbows, knees, midriff and ankles will do the trick, as heat enhances fragrance, try rubbing some Vaseline on the pulse points before spraying the perfume. This also helps to retain the fragrance, just make sure you don’t rub your wrist after you’ve sprayed the perfume, as it will  fade the fragrance by making the top notes disappear.

Another amazing way to make your fragrance last longer, is by applying un-scented lotion before spraying the perfume, as the oily composition of the lotion holds the fragrance, making it last for a longer period of time.

Don’t place your perfume in the bathroom, keep it away from sunlight and heat- you should keep it in a cool place, such as your dressing table. The right choice of scent plays a vital role in making it last longer- scents with essential oils such as musk, woody notes, or tuberose are long-lasting scents, as these oils evaporate slower in comparison to fruity or floral scents.

Keep your perfume away from sunlight and heat- it should keep in a cool place, such as your dressing table

Purchasing perfumes with higher concentration, which refers to the strength of fragrance, is better in quality in terms of long-lasting, for example- parfum also known as extrait de parfum or pure perfume, has concentration between-15 % to 40 % usually around 20 % to 30 %. Of all the scents, parfum lasts the longest, generally around six to eight hours. However, it is also really good to use perfumes with high concentration, as they have less alcohol too.

Written by- Faryal Mahmood