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Get Fit Together

It’s a total shocker to hear that a top excuse why most individuals don’t make time for working out is because it is uninspiring. Most women – yes, admit it – would love to have

It’s a total shocker to hear that a top excuse why most individuals don’t make time for working out is because it is uninspiring. Most women – yes, admit it – would love to have fitness mates that they chat to as they sweat and lose calories. Thanks to fitness expert Jenn Zerling, author of “Breaking the Chains of Obesity”, she has come up with duo or team building workouts that can be performed in any environment and requires very minimal equipment (2 people, a pair of 5lb weights and a weighted ball). So, call in for girls night in! Although instead of munching on popcorn while watching a movie, try out these workouts and become better buddies for fitness.

This is also best for couples looking for perfect activity to share together. These are not only calorie-torching workouts, but they help bust out of your fitness rut.

Perform 4 sets of each exercise together where each set lasts for 25 repetitions. Navigate through all 7 exercises and repeat the circuit 4 times through. If this is too challenging, start off with 15 reps each exercise for 4 sets, then work your way up. It is all about quality more than the quantity of movements. Take 10 second breaks in between exercises.

Throw Catch with Medicine Ball

Why it is good:

This old-school exercise learned during your childhood allows you to work on coordination, and compound movements that strengthen both your upper and lower body at the same time.

Who doesn’t like a game of catch? Get a 5 lb medicine ball and choose which person will roll the ball to the other first. The receiving partner squats down with a straight back, with the knees aligning over the toes as (s)he squats down to pick up the ball and throw the ball with both hands back to the starting partner for half the set. After half the reps of the set, whether it’s 12 or 8, switch positions so that the opposite person is now receiving the ball and tossing to the other.

Plank Hockey

Get Fit Together-1

Why it is good:

This exercise is so much fun and it works every muscle in the body from head to toe, including your mind.

It’s time to be a kid again. Grab a hand-sized bean bag and both of you should make your way into a plank position. Your hands go directly under your shoulders and balance on your toes with a wide stance (feet wider than hip distance apart for better balance). Decide who takes the bean bag in their possession first and then use your arms as a hockey goal as you both aim to score points by sliding the bean bag through the arms. Be sure to block the play with your hands. First person to score 10 points wins that round.

Static Lunge to Medicine Ball Pass

Get Fit Together-2

Why it is good:

This exercise is great for keeping your balance, and essentially beneficial for your knees, legs and hips.

Starting in a static lunge with your right foot forward and your partner’s left foot forward, find a good lunge where your hips are perpendicular to the ground with your front knee at a 90 degree angle and tracking over your ankle. Make sure your back knee is also at 90 degrees. Focus on bracing your abdominal wall for support of the lower back. Pass the medicine ball back and forth to each other, rotate side to side through your trunk and tap the ball lightly to your outside hip and then pass it back to your partner, holding the ball with slightly bent arms. Keep your posture erect or upright for good core support. Go back and forth for the whole set keeping the lunging legs static or not moving. Make sure you breathe and engage your abdomen the whole time while remaining deep in the lunge.

Side Plank with Bean Bag Pass

Get Fit Together-3

Why it is good:

Strengthening your arms and shoulders is the best result of this exercise.

Starting in a side plank with your backs together, place the bottom hand directly in line with your shoulder for a strong foundation. Drive your shoulder down your back to create length in the neck. Stay on the knife edge of the bottom foot while taking the top leg and crossing it in front creating a “kickstand” for better stability. Lift your hips high to the sky creating a curve under your side body, igniting your obliques and core muscles. With your bean bag, reach up all the way and give your partner the bean bag while slightly externally rotating through the top shoulder to hand the bag to your partner. Once your partner grabs the bean bag, reach underneath your bottom arm to get the bean bag back and repeat the exercise for 7 or 12 reps before switching task order (have your partner now pass the bean bag up top to you while (s)he reaches underneath to grab it again).

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