Following the success of the Khaleeji 2018 line, D1 Milano is thrilled to announce the second edition of the collection which is set to launch in June 2019. The Khaleeji 2019 line similar to last year will be a limited-edition collection, featuring only 500 pieces, each individually labelled with a special serial number.

Just as the earlier version, the Khaleeji 2019 line too takes inspiration from Arabian architecture in the creation of the timepiece, featuring the iconic Mashrabiya on the back casing, meticulously engraved as well as a blue stone dial which signifies wisdom, induces peaceful sleep and provides mental clarity and awareness.

The Khaleeji line took all of three months to come to life following a stringent research and development process to ensure the Middle Eastern traditions and architecture were heavily incorporated in the design.

Creators of the D1 Milano brand looked to nature and architecture for inspiration when designing the all new Khaleeji. The striking blue dial which is only 6mm in thickness was inspired by the Lapis Lazuli stone valued for its brilliant blue tone. Mined in Middle East some six thousand years ago, this opaque gemstone was one of the first stones ever to be worn by humans for jewellery.

The exclusive timepiece comes in a stunning stainless-steel case, with a full metal bracelet, completed by a custom-made metallic soleil blue dial with Gold Arabic indexes uniquely made for this edition.

The limited- edition line has only 500 pieces and will retail both online as well as physical stores across the region.

The Khaleeji is priced at AED 1,700 will be available to shop starting June 2019 onwards.