Akillis Opens New Boutique On rue Saint-Honoré

Akillis Opens New Boutique On rue Saint-Honoré

Near Place Vendôme at 354 rue Saint-Honoré, Caroline Gaspard, founder of Akillis, is opening the doors to the brand’s new exceptional setting- to welcome her collections of avant-garde fine jewellery.

This prestigious street gathers the most high-end luxury brands. Akillis could not dream of a more emblematic location to showcase the multiple facets of its collections, symbol of exceptional French-style fine jewellery. Spread out on two levels, the boutique features the iconic Akillis codes. On a freestone Haussmannian building, the facade catches the eye and is an open invitation to mystery enhanced by an elegant touch. The outside windows cultivate a taste for discreet luxury and refinement.

The passion of Caroline Gaspard for sleek design is expressed in a space conceived so that each visitor is free to roam about at leisure.

Each element of the decor is embodied by the perfection of the lines and graphic shapes, converging towards an architectural expression in harmony with the aesthetics of the brand. Right from the entrance, the main window is the centre of attention. Surmounted with a sculptural chandelier, it revisits with a sharp design the facets of precious stones.

Materials flirt with optical effects in order to allow the light in and add to the rock ‘n roll luxury of the decor. Noble materials such as black and white marble, as well as an electric blue mural art work, signed by art craftsman Martin Berger, participate in a dynamic, modern and ultra-deluxe atmosphere.

The fitted lighting on the walls puts the window-displays in the spotlight, revealing collections and conveying an urge to discover the novelties, all hand-made in the workshops of the brand while respecting the purest French fine jewellery tradition.

Akillis Opens New Boutique On rue Saint-Honoré

Finally, a private salon with soothing lights offer a hushed and intimate atmosphere. Here, clients can choose creations signed by Akillis during a privileged moment.

These aesthetics with a contemporary design are in harmony with the Caroline Gaspard’s renewal.