Chloé AW18: Dualistic Illusions

Chloé AW18: Dualistic Illusions

Chloé’s AW18 collection is about understanding a woman’s story-discovering her allure. One must explore it like a home with many doors, or a film with different endings. It envelops from within: the dualistic illusions of a woman as she is now, and who she wants to be.

Like a filter, the suit becomes a buffer between the real and the imaginary, assuming manifold personas at a single glance. Questioning representation, a kaleidoscope of identities converges and diverges in a singular portrait. Disrupting the tropes of French classicism, a neckline slashed and a collar undone mocks the frustrated desires of the bourgeoisie.

Silk shirt dresses and deconstructed skirts evoke a fluid sensuality, their deep earth tones disappearing into chiaroscuro as the Chloé ‘C’ blossoms into silk jacquard. Rearing horses shadow a 70’s stained glass print, and romantic symbols adorn heels or spill across lace as if from Pandora’s box.

The collection also features slashed and sparkling knitwear and swathes of wild fringe, whilst cargo pants and jodhpurs diffuse the rigor of tailoring with nonchalance. Reflecting softness and temptation, sensual dresses are pierced with metalwork or encrusted with sequined lace, their round sleeves held by hammered cuffs. The sacred feminine amulet and the ‘C’ neck chain are a fierce manifesto for magnetic allure.

Chloé’s story of discovering and unearthing a woman’s allure, is an interpretation of who she is now, and who she wants to be in the future.

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