FashionNews ‘Runaway Baby’ Film Series And Chloé X The Exclusive Collection

Luxury online retailer and Parisian fashion house Chloé have joined forces with up-and-coming film maker Lola Bessis to, for the first time ever, create a film series. The three short episodes of ‘Runaway Baby’ tell a mysterious tale of creativity and freedom and feature the exclusive Chloé x collection which will be sold worldwide solely on from November the 9th onwards. The two protagonists Theresa and Chloe, are played by Klara Kristin and India Menuez.

The film series presents the story of a girl named Theresa, a young and talented writer who is struggling to finish her novel. She decides to leave Paris in attempt to understand her protagonist Chloé, a wild and free runaway better and ends up in a wooden area where she immediately falls in love with the landscape. Looking for a place to sleep, she discovers a remote wooden cabin. As she settles in, Theresa realizes that there is already somebody living in the house: Chloé. The story continues as Theresa tries to finalize her novel and quickly realizes that everything she brings down to paper, Chloé is enacting in real life. It becomes clear that the Chloé who Theresa met in the cabin in fact is the heroine of her book. They end up singing and dancing together and finally taking their way back to Paris in an old red Ford Mustang.

The project was directed and written by filmmaker and actress Lola Bessis. She directed the award-winning short film ‘Checkpoint’ just before directing and starring in her own feature film ‘Swim Little Fish Swim’. For this collaboration with Chloé and she created a unique story and beautiful sceneries to showcase the exclusive collection.

The Chloé x exclusive collection includes a selection of ready-to-wear, shoes and handbags adorned with beautiful patterns and feminine details. The pieces range from must-have oversized knit dresses and sweaters in a light camel hue with golden threads, to Chloé’s signature silk blouses with guipure lace at the cuffs for a feminine finish. Bags include the iconic Faye and Nile styles in abstract white accented with black embroidery and the Marcie bag featured in a caramel-brown hue.

The capsule collection and fashion film ‘Runaway Baby’ launched via late last week, is presented within a dedicated campaign including the film series, as well as the possibility to shop the looks directly online and from different social media assets.