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Do You Dare To Go Furless?

Forms of hair-removal are vast within the mar­ket, and it always seems difficult to choose, or more specifically, a one that suits you. However, more and more we are hearing the word Elec­trolysis dropped into

Forms of hair-removal are vast within the mar­ket, and it always seems difficult to choose, or more specifically, a one that suits you. However, more and more we are hearing the word Elec­trolysis dropped into our beauty and health con­versations, shared among our girlfriends, within our own personal tips and tricks. Delving into the world of Electrolysis, is actually interesting, not only for a guaranteed results permanently, but how researched it really is!

Discovering Furless- an Electrolysis specialised Clinic in the UAE, is a first-class clinic that prides itself on the best of quality service, and produces with the most amazing results, this had us intrigued from the start. In a nutshell, Electrolysis is permanent hair removal through a method of removing each hair from the face or body, by destroying the growth centre of the hair with energy. After a very fine probe is inserted into the hair follicle, the hair is removed with tweezers, it’s a lengthy process, without a doubt, but worth it long-term when you are furless and fresh at all times. The FDA and the American Medical Association recognise only Electroly­sis as a permanent method of removing hair, with the fastest results available, which Furless offer. It’s stated that it is suitable for any part of the body, and effective and safe on every skin and hair colour too, meaning it could be the solution not just for you, but you girl­friends too!

At Furless, they use the latest technology, and the least painful of all. How does waxing, shaving or cream hair removals fair against Elec­trolysis, is another question that is common, as everyone is different. Chemical depilatories (liquids or creams) are often used to remove body hair. These products contain irritating chemicals and can be time-consuming and messy. Likewise, bleaches contain harsh chem­icals and do little to disguise dark hair; they may also discolour the skin. However, there are electrolysis devices available for home use, but they are often unsafe, painful and ineffective for use by anyone who is not trained in electrolysis application, growth cycle of the hair, etc Furless Clinic provides the only permanent solution to unwanted body and face hair, with their equipment being the most advanced in the international industry, and least painful.

We decided to ask Team Furless a few questions, which most women want to ask or know about before taking the plunge and changing their body and skin permanently, for a fuzz free and fur free future.

With electrolysis costly within time and money, how popular is it in comparison to other hair removal such as waxing?

With new state of the art machines in the market, such as the ones at Furless, Electrolysis is coming back to the hair removal map, as it is now faster and less painful than it was a few years back. In Dubai, it is becoming a new hot thing to try as there was little, to no awareness of this method. The technology was quite dated, so most people were doing laser or IPL, without knowing that these are permanent reductions. According to the FDA and the medical association in the US, Electrolysis is the only ap­proved and categorised as permanent- providing people the freedom to never have to use any other temporary method like waxing, plucking or shaving ever again! An­other great element of Electrolysis is that it removes only the unwanted hair during the treatment, so you don’t have to shave or wax before or in between treatments, and we don’t touch hairs that you don’t want us to remove, such as fuzz on your face, or keeping that perfect eyebrow shape. Regarding time and money, it takes an average of six months to permanently remove 80-90% of unwanted hair, and the remaining 10-20% is removed in an extra six month period.

How high is the risk of scarring the skin?

Electrolysis is one of the safest methods for removing hair and there is no medical proof that it can cause any permanent damage to the skin. You may experience tem­porary scabs if you don’t follow our simple 48-hour pre and post care tips. Risks of any temporary side effects are completely avoidable by following a few simple steps. Such as: drinking plenty of water throughout the six to-twelve months of treatment, so your skin is hydrated and healthy. Moisturise twice a daily, and your skin will be protected from any possible damage. We always tell our clients, don’t do anything harsh to your skin 48-hours be­fore or after your treatment, such as, exfoliations, saunas, swimming pools, or tanning as electrolysis applies intense heat, and it is best to let the skin heal first, before doing any further stress to it. Additionally, our experienced and qualified senior Electrologist’s will assess your skin before you start any treatment and will give recommendations to make sure your skin is safe to do treatment. In Dubai, we have many clients with dehydrated skin, so during the first consultation, we give them plenty of tips to make sure they get their skin ready and often ask them to start a week after they follow this pre-care routine, so there are no chances of any temporary side effects. At Furless, the health of your skin and looking fabulous is our priority.

Within your long career what memory stands out the most?

I actually have two! Firstly, the moment when I was hav­ing a one-on-one conversation with Her Excellency Dr. Myriam Matar, a remarkable world-renowned doctor and scientist who accomplished incredible things in the UAE, within the world of genetics, and her happy reaction when I told her about Furless. This is the usual reaction I get when I tell doctors such as dermatologists, gynaecol­ogists and endocrinologists about Furless; because most don’t know that the latest Electrolysis equipment is avail­able in the UAE. Doctors know about Electrolysis being the safest, most effective and only permanent medically documented method to remove hair, and they are hap­py to know about us so they can address their client’s concerns about their unwanted hair. In fact, we have a good amount of doctors coming to Furless themselves, but not every day you get to have such positive feedback, and after a visit, from someone so remarkable such as Dr. Myriam. Another one of my incredible memories comes from Her Highness Sheikha Hend Al Qassemi- when she came to Furless. We sat down and talked about Electrol­ysis, fashion, women entrepreneurs, the UAE, mother­hood and shared our passions. I wanted that afternoon to never-end to be honest, what an intellectually stimulating and at the same time motivational experience it was.

How would you like to see electrolysis recognised and positioned within the beauty/health industry in the near future?

I would like most women to know that Electrolysis exists and that it is an option for them, as most women don’t know, that it is the only permanent solution for unwant­ed hair, medically confirmed. I would like for doctors to talk to their patients about this option when they ask about excess or unwanted hair too.

What is planned within the future for Furless?

We have so many exciting plans in the works, but for now, I can share that we will continue to raise awareness about the myths and facts of permanent hair removal, so women can consider all their options before spending time and money on a treatment. As well as opening Fur­less Gents by the end of this year. Also we have started a community learning and development program, similar­ly to an internship, where we closely work with young adults to help them build skills and gain experience, as they help us become part of a growing success story.

However, this is just the start of our company and cam­paign for Electrolysis, and fur-free, fuzz-free future for ladies, the question is do you do you dare to go Furless? Consultations are always free of charge, where we tell you more about Electrolysis and your specific situation.

Contact Furless: www.furless-me.com

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