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YouTube ‘Rewind 2018’ Is Officially the Most disliked video.. Ever!

Youtube's 'Rewind 2018" is officially the most disliked video ever in the history of the platform with over 10 million dislikes.

Finally, Youtube has managed to “dethrone” Justin Bieber’s  2010 song “Baby” which has just under 10 million dislikes, thanks to this year’s Rewind, an annual video made by YouTube that’s supposed to encompass a year in YouTube culture. The video is officially the most disliked  on the platform with more than 10 million dislikes. While it took Bieber’s video approximately eight years to rack up that dislike count, YouTube Rewind beat it in closer to eight days!

The backlash directed at YouTube for this year’s Rewind boils down to a growing disparity between the platform’s true creator culture and the polished version that YouTube wants to present. The main reason for the backlash goes back to the fact that Youtube backed away from creators it previously highlighted, going against the Rewind concept which started in 2006 as a breakdown of the 10 most-watched videos, a straightforward highlight reel of what was popular, without any glossing over of strange, controversial, or otherwise less-savory behavior that YouTube might want to hide.

Going forward, the Youtube marketing team, whose intention wasn’t to break the “most disliked video ever” for sure, will have to figure out how the bring back their viewers trust in what was Youtube’s most celebrated and anticipated moment of the year.


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