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Yataghan is a Turkish word that means “dagger”- a piece of weaponry used in wars in the Ottoman Empire. Yataghan’s war is against a world that constantly tries to make everybody fit in instead of

Yataghan is a Turkish word that means “dagger”- a piece of weaponry used in wars in the Ottoman Empire. Yataghan’s war is against a world that constantly tries to make everybody fit in instead of stand out.

Each piece of Yataghan Fine Jewellery is hand-made to perfection. The exquisite pieces are inspired by the public and created for the public. Yataghan offers the finest custom-made jewellery and gift items that you will love to own and love to gift.

Sarah Abudawood, the creator and head designer at Yataghan Fine Jewellery– a Saudi brand of conceptual and contemporary wearable art, has been a jewellery designer since 2006 and founded Yataghan in 2008 after gaining accreditation as a graduate gemologist (G.G) from the International Gemological Institute- IJI, Antwerp as well as earning accreditation as a jewellery professional from GIA, London.

Her inspiration comes from her belief that when celebrating their individuality one can be more influential and make positive contributions to the community around them. And what better way for a woman to express herself than through one of the first things that people notice about her, her unique jewellery.

“Allah and Isme (my name) are two of the first jewellery pieces that a girl is gifted upon her birth; they exist in any girl’s jewellery box as child or as an adult. I was inspired to take such iconic classic pieces that have existed throughout generations and redesigning them. Combining Arabic heritage and typography with modern minimalist design aesthetics; one is invited to recall a familiar piece of jewellery, yet is equally enchanted with meeting it for the first time”, explains Sarah of her inspiration for Yataghan.

Wearing Yataghan’s unique jewellery is a reaffirmation of heritage, and pride for where you come from and what you stand for. Wear your Allah and Isme pieces everyday and celebrate your individuality.

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