When The Black Swan Flies East

Black Swan Atelier is the product of cre­ation by social media influencer, brand ambassa­dor and model, Alia Al Awadhi. Her bespoke and beautiful designs are her distinc­tive signature and her style is savvy and sartorial. The Dubai-based cre­ative plays out her fashion story via her Instagram ac­count and through her Atelier, Black Swan. The one rule she abides by, is that each piece that is created, it is the only one, meaning you will never be wearing the same as the next woman, en­suring authentici­ty, diversity and distinctiveness, through modest moda.

When we spoke to Alia about her luxury designs, opin­ions and aspirations, it was just a small glimpse and in­sight into her picture-book lifestyle.

What sparked your interest in fashion?

I don’t remember exactly when or what sparked my interest in fashion, like any woman I like to look good. The way I dress reflects my mood for the day and of course my taste. I must highlight that the main role in the way you dress defines your taste, because you can have all the money in the world, but with­out taste you cannot combine into ele­gance. Maybe what helped me to develop my taste is that I at­tended an art school, as well as playing the piano for nine years. I was taking private classes of singing and dancing, my fami­ly travelled a lot and sights of the world and a mix of cultures, helped me to show my personality as it is now.

You’re a model, brand ambassador as well as the designer and owner of Black Swan Atelier. Can you tell us of your experiences?

I started my social media few years ago, I wanted to share with the people the sense of the Dubai lifestyle, recommending which places is worth visiting, which restaurants is pleasant to spend the evening. However, whilst being a blogger you get involved in more and more events, invites, and new brands pay their attention to what you do, with this I become a model and brand ambassador. I represent RE SALONS and SPAS- a beautiful women only des­tination for all their beauty needs. RE SALONS have three locations in Dubai, I always share my experiences of new services I try within the salon, and my follow­ers enjoy a discount via codes under my name. Another example I could think about is AlJaber Optical, it was my initiative to reach to them, what started with a big hesitation from Mr. AlJaber, turned into a friendly and supportive brand ambassador relationship. I am happy to represent them as one of the oldest optical companies established within the UAE. I am able to highlight to my followers the latest trends for sunglasses with the biggest variety too! As sunglasses in our region, is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

What inspires your designs?

I can seek inspiration anywhere. I vividly remember the first Abaya I did; the design came to me in my dream. In the morning, first thing when I woke up, I noted down the details on how I imagined it. Usually I follow the latest Paris, New York, and Milan Fashion Week shows. I look into what will be trendy next season, what kind of materials, what kind of cutting, and try to carry out it in modest way of fashion. Always when I think about my new design, I try to imagine how I would wear it, what accessories I would match it with, such as shoes and a bag. The details do have a significant influence on your last look.

What are the characteristics of your style signature?

My signature style is pastel tone colours, elegance, light make up and latest sunglasses.

What advice would you give to young designers, who want to be successful?

Don’t think inside the box, be open-minded and don’t try to copy others, these are the most basic tips, yet tried and tested and always work.

You can follow Alia Al Awadhi @alia.alawadhi and Black Swan Atelier @blackswanatelier