UltraNative: The New Collection of G.T.Design

UltraNative: The New Collection of G.T.Design

G.T.Design, is a partner of the Italian Design Hub, which is a meeting and working place for architects, developers and contractors working in Bahrain and KSA, along with Italian companies that are specialized in high quality products.  The rug embodies passion, commitment, precision, competence: these core paradigms liberate art director Deanna Comellini’s creativity. She has been the driving force behind the G.T.Design collections since the very beginning of the Italian brand’s history

The new collection designed by Deanna Comellini, UltraNative, epitomizes the desire to experiment with the evocative power of shape and original, archaic and primordial patterns. The unique feature of the collection is the Native format, in exclusively employed by G.T.Design. It is the fruit of intense research into innovative shapes, inspired by indefinite geometries that are open to free interpretation.

The fibers gesture a prismatic and geometric effect. 

UltraNative is expressed within this unique, unusual and fluid context, lying somewhere between an amorphous circle and a deformed rectangle. Thanks to these ‘undefined’ boundaries, the pieces in this collection polarize the space and draw the eyes with the unique power of eidetic shapes, or rather, things that remind us of something else or that refer to images observed elsewhere.

Made with pure high quality wool, UltraNative impresses an intense image on the fibers synthesizing the gestures intrinsic to the primitive graphic sign. With rug customization one of their specialities; they can measurement up to a width of four-metres; however, there is two versions are available, small and large (190x200cm and 380x400cm).

On a total surface of about 1.000, the Italian Design Hub will soon open up in Manama, and will be the first show-room of this type across the Middle East area.