Ultimate fragrances for Ramadan

The Holy Month of Ramadan is almost a month away, and we are all already embracing the spirit of joy and generosity. With countless Iftar and Suhoor invites that we receive from our family and friends, we just can’t go empty-handed.
This year, what makes a better gift than a unique bottle of perfume for your loved ones to fall in love with, and profusely thank you for for the rest of the year.
From classic oud to reviving rose scents, below is your ultimate fragrance gift guide for Ramadan 2019: from niche luxury perfume houses Parfums De Marly, Initio Parfums Prive, Mizensir Perfumes, and The Spirit of Dubai Perfumes.
A Journey along Arabian Hospitality with Majalis from The Spirit of Dubai Perfumes for Him and Her 
Inspired by the traditional Emirati culture, the mingling fragrances of heady Oud, Qahwa (Arabic coffee) and dates mixed with royal pure Turkish rose, rose Taif, cardamom, saffron, musk, and amber bring to life the rich scent of Dubai Majalis from the Spirit of Dubai’s First Generation niche collection creating everlasting memories with those we hold dear and as such in this Holy month.
Luxury Indulgence with Cassili from Parfums De Marly For Her
An irresistible and delicious blend of velvety fruits and pastel flowers, with a sprinkle of vanilla and wood. Joyous, sophisticated and distinguished, the latest arrival in the Parfums De Marly family, Cassili, is the perfect scent for your special ‘her’ this Ramadan.
Cassili from Parfums De Marly
Cassili, Parfums De Marly
Enchanting Perfection with Oud for Greatness from Initio Parfums Prive for Him & Her 
Drawing its perfection and its energy from the sources of sacred geometry, Oud for Greatness breathes out a force of nature, the wake of greatness. Rarely has the natural essence of oud wood been perfected to this pitch making this perfume the ultimate Ramadan gift for the bold oud lovers you know.
Initio Parfums Prive
Initio Parfums Prive
Extraordinary Essence with Poudre D’or from Mizensir Parfums for Him and Her 
Indulge into an olfactory fairy tale and experience an explosive mix of floral tones – a blend of paradisone and tiare flower to give a powdery, almost tactile feeling with the inclusion of rare musk and concrete iris. Spread calmness all over with the underlying notes of sandalwood and vanilla.
Poudre D'or from Mizensir Parfums
Poudre D’or from Mizensir Parfums