Tried and Tested: Tips & Toes Medina Candle Massage

When I was told that there was a massage using candle wax, I must admit I was a little hesitant. Candle wax how?

I decided to find out for myself on one evening following a particularly hectic day at work that left every muscle in my body screaming. Within seconds of walking into the quiet, tranquil environment at Tips & Toes, I was already starting to feel more relaxed. One out of thirty-two branches across four Emirates, Tips & Toes is the largest salon and spa chain in the UAE. The branch I went to in Abu Dhabi was located in a two-story villa, with the bottom floor dedicated to hair and nails, and the top floor for body treatments and massages.

I was ushered in by a lovely technician, who took me upstairs and guided me to my room. She took down my information, set some soft music on, and I lay face down on the massage table ready to have some relief to my backpain.

The Massage

 The Medina candle massage is a new treatment at Tips & Toes which promises to help one rejuvenate and recharge with a therapeutic treatment that will improve blood circulation, relieve pain and leave you with an enhanced feeling of comfort and well-being.

Before starting the massage, the room was sprayed with a light, relaxing fragrance with a hint of oud which I later found out was the medina candle. The technician would then drizzle warm candle oil onto my skin which felt quite soothing, before expertly delivering one of the most relaxing massage experiences I have had in a while. The expert technician was very soft spoken and friendly, and quite understanding when I continued to drift in and out of sleep throughout the 45-minute massage.

I floated out of the spa once the massage was over, with my muscles feeling far more relaxed than they did when I walked in. My skin was silky smooth thanks to the rich oils in the massage, which I was told not to wash off for a few hours to allow my skin to fully absorb the benefits of the oil.

Overall, the serene treatment was in fact the ultimate aromatherapy experience. You can try it at any of the Tips & Toes branches in the UAE. You can also keep up with all of their latest offers by checking out our offers page on

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