‘The Story of an Instagram It Girl Revealed’

‘The Story of an Instagram It Girl Revealed’

The day dreamer, and queen of imaginations, the ‘futuristic’ Shirin Van Dort, always dreamt to live abroad, after getting her High school Diploma. Her primary goal was to study to acquire her Bachelors degree, and become a noble person.  

In-fact, all ever she wanted was to become a Hollywood actress. The destined life brought Shirin to Dubai, this year, making this her first trip abroad. This was her boldest move, at such a young age, to live an independent life. Shirin describes with tears in her eyes: ‘It was a lot of pain, to go so far away from my mother. I used to cry continuously for months. I used to miss her presence and her food.’

Shirin loves fashion, she tells me: ‘Who doesn’t? Everyone loves nice designs, whatever they think fits them best.’ She has that her own touch of dressing, from too simple or extravaganza to crazy and daring style. She also goes on to mention how daring ‘Wadih El Najjar’ is. She likes people who push their limit with out of the box attitude – like ‘Slimi’. She expresses her sense of fashion: ‘Fashion is a physical description within the state of mind’. Dressing also tells a story of a person where he/she is going or what characteristic they are trying to portray. Same thing goes for makeup; there is never too much or experimental makeup, and there is not just one colour.

‘The Story of an Instagram It Girl Revealed’

People, are so interesting with the way their inner world is built, how comfortable they are with their life it’s like a mirror from the way they dress. It’s never enough time to learn them from deep down, it takes years, moments, and reactions to learn one about person. When asking Shirin, does she believe in judgment at first sight? No, I don’t believe in judgements from first sight, I like to take my time and learn- no matter how long you know the person, you will always find untold stories down the road.’

Getting to know Shirin

Her slogan in life is: ‘Expectations Hurt’

Favourite Fragrance: Tom Ford ‘Violet Blonde’

Her characteristics are: very optimistic, positive, forgiving, giving, receiving and caring person.

She is Pisces just like Albert Einstein, George Washington, Rihanna, Jessica Biel (American Actress), and Elizabeth Taylor.

‘The Story of an Instagram It Girl Revealed’

After she obtained her Bachelors Red Diploma in Business Administration and Marketing from the Canadian University Dubai back in 2015, she then had the time to focus on her real career goal- within the Media Industry. From beauty-makeup video tutorials, vlog videos on her YouTube channel as well as actively blogging on Instagram, she literally became the ‘IG It girl’, because of her love and passion for visual art of creating the content on her page.

Hence, pursuing photography as a skill due to her love and passion for blogging and modeling, which makes her a person who truly understands what you need to focus on and which angle is best for ‘who’.  Making her understand shooting techniques and retouching portraiture images. She says: ‘Retouching photos is an art, it is a digital painting, while keeping the real person’s natural appearance’.

She is a writer, she loves to pore her heart down with a pen on paper in old style. She is working on her book and she says it is not an easy journey to write down the emotional parts – ‘it drives my soul into the past where I felt what I felt, butI feared to go there. But it’s what it takes to write the story.

Shirin’s way of outlining perfection is: ‘For me perfection is when you combine the ugly true sides of a person and the good qualities in one’.