The one we all want

Since the 1920s, when all women were more conservative and submissive, this classic Chanel mainstay, the Chanel N°5 is a hit. Today, supermodel Gisele Bündchen joins the likes of French actress Catherine Denevue Model Estella Warren, French film star Audrey Tautou, Marilyn Monroe, in celebrating the iconic non-tangible accessory. Like these Chanel icons, Bündchen is today’s dynamic emblem.

“The One That I Want”, the scent’s newest campaign, written and directed by Moulin Rouge! And The Great Gatsby’s Baz Luhrmann with Oscar-winner Catherine Martin, the Chanel N°5 woman is repackaged as a modern one who listens to her heart’s desires: a woman of free will and balance. No words or dialogue are in the campaign, to create a deeper connection to what it conveys.

With very unique tones of flowers and wood and created by the great perfumer Ernest Beaux, the iconic fragrance still soars until today.