If you thought that Valentine;s day is still far, think again, as February is just around the corner. A fact that didn’t go unnoticed by Louis Vuitton who’s releasing a new bag to mark Valentine’s Day. The Heart bag embraces the universal heart shape as a versatile symbol to make your own. A removable shoulder strap, leather handle and a loop on the back allow it to be carried in three different ways: over the shoulder, clutch-style in the hand, or on a belt.

The LV Love locks accent the quilted leather of the Louis Vuitton New Wave line. A host of fun symbols – metallic padlocks, keys and locks – punctuate the small and large- Chain bag, the Heart bag and even the wallets. Whether tender, passionate or more classic, three shades champion the colours of love.

The Heart bag comes in blush pink and scarlet with the LV Love locks, while its black version simply sports the LV signature. The blush pink Heart bag with the LV signature is exclusively available on the e-commerce site with LV Love locks, the small Chain bag in scarlet and the large Chain bags in blush pink and black bring their colourful energy to this festival of love.