The Birthplace of Luxury: Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo in general is synonymous with luxury- lifestyle, fashion, yachts and cars, with the latter being renowned for the Monaco Grand Prix. Fast cars, the fabulous lifestyle and stunning fashion go hand-in-hand with the racing cars, and sublime hospitality.  The location of Hôtel Hermitage, lends itself to spectacular views of the municipality.

The upscale and luxurious, Hôtel Hermitage, designed by architect Jean Marquet, is a neoclassical and Belle Époque edifice, that faces the glittering Mediterranean Sea. Located in the heart of the razzle and dazzle, the hotel sits near the equally as legendary Monte Carlo Casino.

The hotel’s style is more like ornaments, which will never be outdated- it embodies the true essence and luxury character. Every corner of the hotel features distinctive art work, the breath-taking ceiling is the work of artist Gabriel Ferrier. Another one of the Hôtel Hermitage, is the ‘Jardin d’Hiver’ (Winter Garden), it owes its prestige to the glass conservatory created by Gustave Eiffel and is colourful to say the least; with a range of pastel hues and intricate chinsy florals etched into it, giving the hotel its synonym of excellence, “art de vivre” in Monte Carlo. The Hôtel Hermitage is unique and timeless, lending itself to the renowned title of Monaco, the birthplace of luxury.

During our stay, we explored the hotel grounds and spa facilities, for some much needed ‘me-time’. What better way to indulge, then with the legendary ‘Thermes Marins’, that is directly connected to the hotel, making it easy to excuse oneself to the iconic pampering haven. ‘Zen, luxury, technology and performance’ are the mottos of the Spa. Where innovation meets well-being, creating freedom within. We opted for the traditional Hammam, followed by a dip in the warm seawater pool. However, they have highly trained fitness and nutrition coaches, along with state-of-the-art gym, and numerous facilities you could easily get lost in.

Diamond Presidential Suite. 

Talking about relaxation and rejuvenation, comes indulgence, and with culinary delights on offer, it’s hard to resist. They offer contemporary gastronomic Mediterranean cuisine, that is sustainable too! The stunning La Vistamar and Terrace restaurant is complemented by the opulent surroundings, and envious sea views, which is dotted with mega-yachts. The Michelin-star restaurant, headed by Chef Benoît Witz, prepares gourmet dishes that reflect seasonal hues. The menu is inspired by Chef Witz’s motto; ‘live well, look good’, with dishes such as, seasonal vegetable cannelloni, as well as wild Drum Fish with black truffles, to Chateaubriand cooked on a wood fire, selection of cured chesses, with marmalade and fruits, and tasty Hazelnut Soufflé. La Vistamar and Terrace is Riviera style dining at its best!

Hôtel Hermitage, and Monte Carlo in general, is the definition of luxury lifestyle. It’s a hotspot for fabulous fashion, and most importantly Monte Carlo is famed for the most legendary Grand Prix of all; Monaco, becoming the playground of the rich and famous.

Stunning garden and sea views

Living the true Hôtel Hermitage experience, we can say that we discovered the discerning hospitality and the unique art and design through luxury lifestyle they have created within.