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Connected Modular 45

TAG Heuer Joins In Nikki Beach Dubai’s Vibrant 1st Anniversary Celebrations With The Timely Launch Of Its Swiss Made 
Connected Modular 45

TAG Heuer officially introduced its Connected Modular 45 in the Middle-East at an exciting event in Nikki Beach Dubai, Pearl Jumeirah at the TAG Heuer Ultimate Cabana. The event followed the success of the watch’s launch


TAG Heuer officially introduced its Connected Modular 45 in the Middle-East at an exciting event in Nikki Beach Dubai, Pearl Jumeirah at the TAG Heuer Ultimate Cabana.

The event followed the success of the watch’s launch simultaneously in Switzerland and California and also coincided with the one-year anniversary of Nikki Beach Dubai. The collaboration between TAG Heuer and Nikki Beach Dubai is one that has worked well for both brands and was highlighted at the event, which was attended by Friend of the Brand Hassan Akhras, Founder and Editor of Arab Watch Guide (AWG).


Guests in attendance were allowed to discover the modularity of the 2nd generation of TAG Heuer’s Connected Watch by watching an exclusive video of Hassan’s shot at Nikki Beach Dubai that featured 24h in his life wearing the Connected Modular 45. In the video, Hassan is shown to kickstart his day swimming with his Connected Watch Modular. He then transitions smoothly to his afternoon routine of editing AWG Online. In the evening, Hassan attends a social event where he uses the mechanical 3 hands module, highlighting the fact that the Connected Modular 45 is dynamic and can suit all parts of the modern man’s active lifestyle.


The Connected Modular 45 is designed, developed and assembled in Switzerland by TAG Heuer and is the first luxury watch to bear the Swiss-made label while being connected to the future. The concept is original and one that is new in the field of advanced watches – the connected module is interchangeable with an Haute Horlogerie mechanical module with 3 hands or Chronograph Tourbillon COSC certified – and offers an extensive choice of materials, colors and combinations.

In addition to flaunting a beautiful design and bold aesthetic, the watch also features advanced technology. It is water-resistant up to 50 metres, features GPS, an NFC sensor for payments, a high definition AMOLED screen and an array of unlimited customizable TAG Heuer dials. Google’s Android Wear 2.0 and the new TAG Heuer Companion app enhances the overall software experience.

The watch is now available for sale in the UAE. 

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