Now is the time to consider some of the bright, white and flattering shades that are perfect summer, and holiday material.

The key to nailing this summer’s shades? It’s all about having a bit of fun.

Whether you’re looking for new nail inspiration for your feet or hands, these summer shades will give you an instant, and bright nail update.

Kure Bazaar

Nail Polish in Fuji 
Pretty ice cream and sorbet shades are this season’s nude nail. Try some dots or lines in rainbow shade as a subtle nail art accent on a sheer base.


Naïve Mint
Sorbet colors are big news this summer. Either mix them with other shades and paint the corresponding nails on your other hand in the same color pattern, or wear alone for a summery version of a nude.


OPI Orange You a Rock Star
Pre, post or during your holiday, this orange hue is sunshine bottled. You’ll notice it from afar, works well if you’re a monochrome wardrobe fan and it looks even better on longer nails.


Nail Lacquer in Strike A Rose
This is a sophisticated, pretty, grown up neon. Not too harsh like the day-glo neons we know and still love but a softer, more wearable version. Wear on either feet or hands on short, well groomed nails.


Le Vernis in Giallo Napoli
Yellow nails might not sound flattering, but when it comes in the form of a Chanel bottle, you can guarantee that its just the right shade of yellow. Bold, bright and beautiful.