Summer Bronze Essentials: Rhea Jacobs

Here’s your 5 step guide to achieve that sun kissed hue as we bid adieu to this vibrant season.

‘Tis the season of enticing sunshine, tropical coolers and unfettered beach escapes…behold the glorious season of summer. As we reach towards the end of this vibrant season, let’s remember what makes Dubai summers so great. Summer in Dubai brings out the best in city, be it those glorious skyline views. The outburst of bright colours transpired through the fashion scene and the beautiful sun kissed faces that now adorn this breath-taking city. The glory of Dubai summers also bring in the need for Melt proof makeup.

Here’s your 5 step guide to ‘Melt proof’ and still achieve that summer bronze we all love.

  1. Prep: hydrate with a thermal mist, followed by your favourite moisturiser and sunscreen.
  2. Prime and illuminate: blend the lush formula of the MJ beauty coconut primer with the dewy finish of the Marc Beauty Dew Drops, to achieve that illuminating summer glow. Follow through with the Marc Beauty ReMaracble full coverage foundation for a base that will last all day.
  3. Bake: Using the Face 1 brush, dab the Marc Beauty Perfection Powder to lightly mattify and conceal imperfections.
  4. Warm: intensify the bronzed hue with the O!

Mega Bronze in ‘Tantric’, follow the cheekbones, nose, around the forehead and along the jawline  for an intensified and radiant definition

  1. Seal: Lock in the look with the Marc Beauty Re (cover) coconut setting mist for a long-lasting look. Use the same mist to refresh your makeup during the day.

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