Summer Beauty Essentials

Beat the heat this summer with a range of products that will not only protect, but nurture. The four main categories that we all suffer with, is; lips, skin, body and hair care, meaning we are open to any tips or suggestions we can get.

From delicious smelling body lotions to deep-cleaning facial scrubs, as well as summer lips SOS to hair rescuers- we have compiled a selection which have different features and purposes, to keep you looking fresh from head to toe all throughout the summer.


Lips are not only a focal feature on our face, but one of the most sensitive to sun exposure, meaning protection and care should be all-year round. Get instant moisture replenishment that hydrates and plumps your lips with Rodial Dragon’s Blood Lip Mask. Or, you could try Fillerina Plus Eye and Lip Contour Cream; that is quick on replenishment and corrects signs of wrinkles and aging due to sun damage, whilst adding volume.

Rodial Dragon’s Blood Lip Mask Price- AED 265 for a pack of 8 lip masks (Available at Harvey Nichols Dubai)
Fillerina Plus Eye and Lip Contour Cream Price- AED 349 (Available at Bin Sina Pharmacy)

Deep Skincare Nourishment

Skincare should be a priority no matter what season it is- whether its summer or winter, with this being said, one of the trusted core routines is exfoliating and nurturing. Using Labo Trans Dermic Exfoliating Smoothing Gommage will not only refresh your skin cells and give a natural glow, but will cleanse thoroughly. Whereas Herbal Essentials Papaya and Honey Face Mask soothes your skin, replenishes lost oils and elasticity- leaving your skin silky smooth and totally refreshed.

Herbal Essentials Papaya and Honey Face Mask Price- AED 139 (Available at Herbal Essentials Kiosk in Mercato Mall)
Labo Trans Dermic Exfoliating Smoothing Gommage Price- AED 199 (Available at Bin Sina Pharmacy)

Body Pick-Me Up’s

Just like your facial skincare regime, body pick-me up’s are as equally as important as well as the key to looking fresh and fabulous within the summer sun. However, mentioning detox brings a whole new subject and effort included, yet Laboratoires Filorga Detox Body Treatment makes it as simple as can be. It not only acts as a detoxification of enzymes, it also acts as a draining anti-water activator, anti-aging formula and nourishes, making this the ultimate beauty staple. You could also try a more holistic product, such as FarmHouse Fresh: Fresh Melon Body Milk, that is the foundations to any silky-smooth long lasting supple skin. This is the perfect product to use post sunbathing, as it will soothe, nourish and moisturise.

Filorga Detox Body Treatment Price- AED 240 (Available at Boots Pharmacy)
FarmHouse Fresh: Fresh Melon Body Milk Price- AED 150 (Available at Heart & Soul Spa)

Hair Rescuer

Ask any lady and she will admit her hair is her crown of glory, however, we all know summer is the spoiler when it comes to shiny, smooth and frizz-free hair. Trying oils can be a long and daunting task to get a product that suits you. Yet there is one product that defies all hair types and seasons; Argan oil. Argan oil is as old as time, and its attributes are endless, although it is mostly known as a hair rescuer. Try KOSMÉ Paris Rose Argan Oil, using a small amount apply it on damp, freshly washed hair- from mid length to tips, you will get instant results of silky smooth hair free of frizz and flyway’s- the ultimate summer essential. Another product that is a saviour to us all is salon perfect hair, however, to have this everyday is a dream, right? Well, now you can- from home, with KOCOSTAR Home Salon Hair Pack. KOCOSTAR promises to nourish and soothe your hair through a treatment that hydrates and rejuvenates dry damaged hair, with professional technology that creates soft and silky locks in twenty minutes.

KOSMÉ Paris Rose Argan Oil Price- AED 231 (Available at Imar Spa)

KOCOSTAR Home Salon Hair Pack Price- AED 29 (Available at