SPORTMAX Pre AW18: Technical Sportswear

The dynamics of motion is at the heart of Sportmax’s Pre- AW 18′ collection, that is characterized by geometric lines and technicality, and luxurious fabrics made with contrast stitching, where wide shapes and red and marine blue colours, dominate the picture.

Inspired by sportswear, the collection features have functional designs, push buttons, long and short parkas that turn into accessories and fanny packs worn as collars.
 The design of the garments facilitates movements thanks to hinges and zippers that make them easily changeable, foldable and capable of being worn as bandoliers.

Feel free and play with all the possibilities. The nylon covering both sides of the hooded sweatshirts give them wide volumes. Jersey leggings can be worn long or cuffed thanks to a strip on the side. Knitwear ballerinas re-shape the feet though elastic bands. Extra-long trousers slim the silhouette. The nylon parka and cashmere cape get together to create a new piece in sky-blue colour. The mix of nylon and cashmere fabrics is what creates the appearance of a blouson on the front and of a cape on the back. Topstitched bands, on the other hand, turn the sport shirt into a dress.

Satin jerseys, elastic bands and balanced shapes express vitality and dynamism. Different kinds of plisse, instead, produce asymmetrical movements. Shirts, jerseys, kimono sleeves and jackets are all designed to give maximum comfort. A style that is sharp like lightning.

Light pervades all the clothes: in the bright-coloured bags and shoes, on the strips that join the different materials and even on the t-shirts that give an extra tone to all the pieces under which they are hidden.

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