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Sparkle and Shine: Net-A-Porter’s Exclusive Shoes!

This holiday season, Net-A-Porter presents their exclusive shoe capsule collection, with designers such as Attico, Malone Souliers and Jimmy Choo, plus many more, that are offering perfect pairings for every party look. Timeless silhouettes are graced with unmissable sequins and

This holiday season, Net-A-Porter presents their exclusive shoe capsule collection, with designers such as Attico, Malone Souliers and Jimmy Choo, plus many more, that are offering perfect pairings for every party look. Timeless silhouettes are graced with unmissable sequins and arresting embellishment, for show stopping statements.

Italian designer Attico, reintroduces its signature Monica pump and ankle straps in a limited-edition range of jewel tones. Malone Souliers, by design duo Mary Alice Malone and Roy Luwolt, have re-created classics that are somewhat cool and kooky. Whereas Jimmy Choo’s sparkly sock boots will elevate any outfit this holiday season, and can achieve multiple finishes with its double-faced silver sequins, that turn a vivid fuchsia hue with a sweep of the hand.

Iconic luxury accessories brand Jimmy Choo, designs a party capsule exclusively for Net-A-Porter, that includes sharp, dazzling sock boots.

Literally made for parties, Malone Souliers, the stylish shoes by design duo Mary Alice Malone and Roy Luwolt, create classics that are somewhat cool and kooky.

Designers Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini describe Attico’s spring 2018 collection as “exotic and erotic”. These exclusive Monica mules are made in Italy from glossy leather and have a V- shaped vamp and elegant white-tipped fluted heel.

Discover more shoes than you can dream of for this holiday season, with Net-A-Porter’s exclusive capsule shoe collection here.

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