SOLO Loewe Cedro

Perfumes Loewe has reinvented its legacy of fine craftsmanship based on a 168-year history, this time inspired by wood, the finest of raw materials, with its unquestionable leading role in the worlds of art, architecture and contemporary design. A new concept of masculinity, based on SOLO Loewe and its ceaseless quest to find harmony in daily life, this time intoxicated by a natural instinct which marries routine life in the city with the magnetic draw of contact with nature. And so SOLO Loewe Cedro was born.

A new Eau de Toilette that revolves around wood: the aroma, bottle, packaging and communication. A robust, high quality material, both flexible and adaptable, which breathes life into a perfect balance of opposites.


A genuine, balanced, natural man. That is how Paolo Herigues presents himself once more, ten years after starring in the first SOLO Loewe advertisement, a 21st century man in a majestic bespoke vehicle.

His attractiveness and personality do not go unnoticed, this time in a woody environment that highlights a unique perfume: a cosmopolitan man who needs to be surrounded by nature to be happy.