Signature de Chanel

CHANEL presents «Signature de CHANEL», its rst High Jewellery collection entirely dedicated to the quilted pattern. Inspired by the equestrian world dear to Gabrielle Chanel and especially by the jackets the stable boys wore on around the racetracks, the quilted pattern became an essential element in Mademoiselle Chanel’s creative world. When stitched, the quilted pattern always keeps its shape; this allowed Gabrielle Chanel to use supple materials like jersey, lambskin and silk to give body, volume and solidity to the iconic 2.55 bag.

signature dechanelfeaturedmainnecklace

«Elegance is line,» Mademoiselle Chanel loved to say when giving greater uidity and freedom to her silhouettes. The geometry of the forty-eight new pieces designed by the CHANEL Fine Jewellery Creative Studio are a variation on the quilted pattern and pay tribute to that inspiration. Graphic and re ned, they express the purity of line and the perfection in simplicity that characterise the style of CHANEL.

signature dechanelformatted

Consisting of curves and volumes, the design lends itself to the most varied combinations. Multiplying, it spins its web over the entire surface of the jewellery piece transforming it into a tactile material. Fluid, the «Signature de CHANEL” collection follows the body’s every movement. Sensual and exible, they wrap around the neck, ngers or wrist.

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Solitary, the curved square of the quilting reveals the delicacy of its contours paved with diamonds. Only the azure blue sapphires and aquamarines add a touch of contrast here and there to the luminous brightness of the white gold and diamonds. Pearls, grey mother-of-pearl marquetry and rock crystal complete the collection in variations on the same theme.

The «Signature de CHANEL» collection expresses the constantly renewed creative spirit of CHANEL High Jewellery.