Secret Kitchen Delights

It’s time to channel your inner chef. This issue, we dish out two scrumptious recipes straight from the kitchens of Sofitel The Palm and Sofitel Jumeirah Beach. We suggest that you read through, pay attention, and head to the nearest supermarket near you.

Alaskan King crab legs with pepper masala and coconut emulsion.

This exquisite seafood recipe is an original creation from Moana, the signature seafood restaurant under the supervision of French Canadian Olivie Chaleil, Executive Chef, of Sofitel The Palm.

Serves: 3 people

Preparation time: 45 minutes


King crab legs -600 gm (steam for 18 mins, cut into half)

Tomato sauce

Cooking oil 3 tbs

Curry leaves- 2 sprigs

Mustard seeds- ½ tbs

Turmeric powder – ½ tbs

Tomato (full ripped) – 6 pcs / roughly cut

Salt – to taste

Kashmiri chili powder – 2 tbs

Sugar – ½ tbs


1. Heat up cooking oil in a heavy based pot on a medium heat; add the mustard seeds, cumin seeds and curry leaves, (careful not to burn the ingredients).

2. Add crushed garlic, chopped onion until golden in color.

3. Mix ginger garlic paste, cook for 2 mins, and add all the dry powders, stirring occasionally.

4. Finally add tomato sauce in to it cook for further 15 mins in a medium heat until the raw flavors are gone.

Sofitel The Palm

Coconut emulsion

Coconut milk- 100 ml

Lemon grass, crushed – ¼ stick

Lime leaves – 2 pcs

Coriander stem – 1 pc

Red chili, cut length wise – 2 pcs

Water – 75 ml

Lemon juice – half lemon

Rock salt – to taste


Simmer coconut milk with all the above ingredients simmer for 10 mins for low heat, until it extracts the full flavor, strain keep warm.

To finish:

1. In a heavy based pot add onion masala, adjust consistency with water (preferably crab stock if available).

2. Add cooked crab legs, mix well with masala, cover the pot with lid cook in a medium heat about 10 mins until crab fully coated with onion masala, and add freshly chopped coriander leaves.

3. To finish blend the coconut sauce with hand blender until it’s become frothy.

4. Serve immediately the crab legs in a warm plate or bowl, spoon over the coconut emulsion on top of the crab legs, garnish with orange tobikko (optional), coriander sprigs.

Secret Kitchen Delights-3


Executive Chef Vladimiro Gadioli, of Sofitel Jumeirah Beach, unravels the key to cooking ravioli perfectly. A bestselling dish at Plantation, the hotel’s relaxed restaurant known for authentic dishes prepared and served in cast iron pots, known as “cassolette” in French, this recipe of Ravioli will help you cast dinner spells.

Serves: 4 people


Flour 800 g

Eggs 8

Spinach 500 g

Ricotta cheese 500 g

Parmesan cheese 80 g

Butter 20 g

Leaves of Sage 4

Dried tomatoes 100 g

Pecorino cheese 80 g

Black truffle 40 g




Make a mound of flour on a large cutting board. Create wide well in the middle. Break the eggs into the well. Gradually combine the eggs and flour using a fork until they are well incorporated. Form a dough ball. Using the heels of your hands knead it until smooth and supple. Cover with cling film. Leave to rest for 30 minutes.