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Salvatore Ferragamo’s Vintage Inspired ‘Fiore’

Salvatore Ferragamo’s Limited-Edition Eyewear, is inspired by a pair of Vintage Heels, which was reinterpreted by Design Director, Paul Andrew. Synchronicity, innovation and tradition combine in a fresh new way- Ferragamo Eyewear presents, Fiore. Back in 1938, Salvatore

Salvatore Ferragamo’s Limited-Edition Eyewear, is inspired by a pair of Vintage Heels, which was reinterpreted by Design Director, Paul Andrew.

Synchronicity, innovation and tradition combine in a fresh new way- Ferragamo Eyewear presents, Fiore.

Back in 1938, Salvatore Ferragamo made the “Altana” and “Gotica” shoes for the U.S. market and a host of Hollywood actresses. It was the first appearance of this flower-shaped heel, carved from several pieces of cork, stitched together and covered with nappa leather.

Vintage inspired ‘Fiore’ Sunglasses

Today, the elements of this iconic style are channelled by Ferragamo Eyewear to combine a modern, graphic style with cutting-edge production techniques.

Ultralight and rimless, “Fiore” includes a nylon lens whose sandblasted effect around the six-petal floral design is achieved through a special laser manufacturing technique. The iconic, unique build of the metal bridge is just one part of a vast array of intricate detailing, including customized temples and tips, a laser-etched logo on the left temple, and the nickel-free metal treatment. Sophisticated colour combinations add further dynamism to the structure and lenses, with three stunning variations available: Shiny Gunmetal/Maple, Shiny Gold/Birch, and Shiny Gold/Pumpkin.

Available from Salvatore Ferragamo boutiques and select retailers.

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