Ride the Winds


Windsurfing is a sport that combines elements of surfing and sailing. It consists of one using a board that is about three meters long and is powered by wind on a sail. The sport originated in 1964 thanks to S. Newman Darby according to most sources. In 1984 it was recognised as an Olympic sport due to its increasing popularity. Today the sport is enjoyed around the world and is especially popular in countries with strong winds.


The windsurfing community in UAE amounts to around 80 people and it is growing gradually. “It is a small, but very friendly and active community,” says Mike White – one of the active members who has more than 35 years experience. UAE is considered to be a perfect place for beginners with locations like Jumeira, Jebel Ali and Yas Island suitable to learn the basic skills. For more seasoned windsurfers Oman offers stronger winds. Stérenn Remaud, who has been windsurfing for about two years, adds that she hopes to see more women doing the sport as it helps to develop a lot of the muscle and is a great way to spend time in the water. Florian B. Sevenier – another windsurfer, adds that also quite a number of kite surfers shift to windsurfing with time.

What appealed to me initially is how beautiful and free it looks. Indeed, when I tried it at first, I felt extremely liberated when the sail caught the wind and carried me on the waves. The sail reminded me of a bird’s wing, ready to take off. This sensation of flight paid off for all the times I fell into the water when practicing getting on board or getting the sail up.


Windsurfing is a great workout for the entire body, it is a great cardio and an excellent core exercise. It helps getting toned and improving of stamina. Spending the time outdoor at sea is also a great way to relieve stress. And when it comes to the lifestyle changes, think beach life with hours at sea, improving your technique and getting sun-kissed. Think colourful sails on the weekend and happy smiles of new friends.

Windsurfing is for anyone who loves the ocean, adrenaline and loves to push the limits of their comfort zone. If you want to feel completely free, that is the sport for you!

by Slava Noor – A winsdsurfing enthusiast, blogger and photographer.