Reprise the Savour: Chocolate Volcano


Raving for a dine-out, but not in the mood for a dress up to go out? Well, fret no more. This issue, we’ve got you covered in the kitchen. We have the sumptuous recipes from the city’s renowned restaurants, allowing you to recreate the well-loved dishes you think you’d only taste in the diner. Our favourite restaurants Legends, LakeView and Casa de Tapas at the Dubai Creek & Golf Club shared with us three recipes that will make you us for another serving, while RIVA, our weekend hang-out spot in Palm Jumeirah, gave us a mouthwatering dessert recipe.

Spanish restaurant Casa de Tapas lends us a perfect meal-ender: The Chocolate Volcano. This fruity and chocolaty dish is a must try for satisfying the sweet tooth.

Serving: for four


Fondant Mix

100g dark chocolate

100g melted butter

100g whole eggs

40g yolk eggs

55g sugar

25g plain flour

Cherry Ice Cream

100g cherry fruit

500g cherry puree

1 tsp sugar

500g cream (35%)

350g cream cheese

10 tsp sugar glaze


Cut the butter into pieces using a knife and break up the chocolate and melt in a microwave. Mix the sugar and eggs together to form a mixture and fold it into the melted chocolate. Then fold in the flour to the mix and place in the chiller for 30 minutes.

For cherry ice cream, heat the cream and cherry puree in a pan on a low heat and then add the dry ingredients and stir. Pour the mixture into a paco jet and freeze in the freezer churn a day before use. Chantilly milk: boil cream and pour it over milk chocolate rest overnight and whisk fresh for every service.