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Rawan’s Diary: Windows To The Soul

Rawan Bin Hussain is a lifestyle influencer who is passionate about beauty and fashion and currently studies Law in London. She has been an avid reader of VELVET and has recently joined our editorial team

Rawan Bin Hussain is a lifestyle influencer who is passionate about beauty and fashion and currently studies Law in London. She has been an avid reader of VELVET and has recently joined our editorial team as a Contributing Beauty Editor. Rawan’s Diary is the latest addition to our editorial scope, bringing you the best beauty news and ideas from one of the Middle East’s most-followed influencer.
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When we think of makeup and cosmetics, we think of numerous associations; such as everyday necessity or the final touch to your look or even some see it as a luxury option. However, when you get passed the initial thoughts and engage what makeup really is, it is true art. Your extended creativity comes out and flows; meaning the face you’re working on becomes a masterpiece, naturally.

Clingfilm Textured Look

Makeup art is a real talent, and upon discovering such a young, bold and beautiful portfolio created by Hannah Rott, or as she is known on her social media as just ‘Atlantip’. Hannah is a real testament to enthusiasm within cosmetics, turning the ordinary into extraordinary- something older generations and her age group alike can aspire to and admire.

Shimmering Glossy Effect

Hannah’s approach to makeup application, more specifically eye makeup application, is somewhat intriguing; the way she highlights the most individual feature we have. She uses non ordinary materials and thought processes to create her inspirational thoughts, yet the results are flawless and mind-blowing: colourful, characteristic and oh-so original. Think velour effect liquid lipsticks applied to eyes, household goods such as Clingfilm arranged beautifully given a textured look, to daisies and leaves from the garden- enchanted never looked so refreshing!

As Hannah is such a young creative, and so inspiring to myself, as well as my peers, I thought it would be best to find out about this stunning work she creates, and most importantly where does all this inspiration come from to create such distinctiveness.

Enchanted Garden Look, Complete With Daisies And Leaves

*You are self-taught makeup artist, and incredibly young, do you plan this to be your definite career choice, or is it more of a hobby?

Well, I wouldn’t consider myself a makeup artist actually, since I don’t have any certificates or gone to makeup/beauty school, I’m self taught. I’m more of an enthusiast and I definitely view it as a hobby rather than a career path; it’s very fun and relaxing to me, its art but on  another level.

*When people say makeup is art, literally you are creating art, tell us what inspires each masterpiece look you create.

Thank you for that, I’m flattered. I’m very much inspired by different fun and unusual textures, so that’s why I even choose obscure items such as household goods; like Clingfilm. I love textures and the appearance of them, its individuality and an extension of your own personality. On the other hand, I adore just sitting down and playing around with products and materials’, seeing what catches my eye and fits my initial idea. The creativity of other creators on Instagram for example inspires me a lot as well, it’s beautiful to see what unique ideas are created from different minds and how everyone is inspired by everything, and it really is a beautiful place to be.

Raw Smokey Eyes

*Why do you choose to highlight a certain feature, such as eyes, rather than lips for example?

Personally, I love eyes. They are the window to the soul, as they say, and exceptionally beautiful to me. Every iris is as unique as one’s fingerprint, none is like another- and you can always see something new in them, depending on lighting, mood and angle. My eyes were always something I liked about myself, no matter how bad I felt, I always found my eyes to be particularly beautiful, so I thought it would be fitting!

*What’s your most favourite look you have created?

This is extremely hard for me to choose, as I’m incredibly critical of myself. However, if I had to choose, I would probably say either my Clingfilm textured look, or my Earth inspired look; since I love textures and the feel of them. Also I chose these as it’s always a talking point for people, because it’s unusual- it gave mixed reactions, as it’s not something ordinary, yet it’s mesmerising.

Multi-Coloured Paint Box Hues

*Which cosmetic brand products do you use?

I am currently transitioning to being cruelty free, which means I won’t purchase any products of companies that test on animals in any way, shape or form. Some of my personal favourite brands are Makeup Geek, Anastasia Beverly Hills and Glisten Cosmetics, but I always try out different brand names as part of experimentation, however, if anyone is curious to know what I’m using on certain looks, they can find it within each image on my social media- it states all products and brands.

*Also what type of beauty care products do you recommend, or use for eye skincare? 

I personally struggle with extremely dry and acne-prone skin. For the eye area I recommend using a deeply hydrating eye cream to ensure that the makeup doesn’t look caky on your skin, and to also prevent premature wrinkles! The canvas you work on should be as smooth and healthy as possible to ensure the best result. Also, be very conscious when removing glitter; it could scratch the sensitive skin around the eyes if you’re not careful, so it’s best to gently remove as much glitter as you can with your nails, before fully washing your face.

Vivid Yellow Hues

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