Rasasi Launches New Perfume Oils Inspired By The Luminosity Of Love

Rasasi Launches New Perfume Oils Inspired By The Luminosity Of Love

Rasasi Perfumes, one of the leading perfume brands in the Middle East, is excited to announce the launch of Nebras Al Ishq, a new collection of intense perfumes oils in all stores across United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain.

The unisex line is formed of three variants; Shorouk, Wahaj and Noor which together aim to reveal the different facets of love. Each hugely unique but also complimentary to one another, they have been inspired by a passion for additive gourmand notes coupled with hints of Oud.

Shorouk exudes sophistication in a modern way with fresh and crisp top notes of bergamot, orange and lemon inspired by the Mediterranean. The fruity heart deliciously blends with the warm base of indulging vanilla, amber and delicate white musk. The balance of sweet and deep aromas allows for an opulent sensory experience.

Wahaj is a tribute to beauty and radiance. This additive and refined perfume oil opens on a breath-taking floral bouquet of lotus flower, pure jasmine, majestic orris and damask rose. Adding to this sophisticated scent is the generous blend of vanilla and praline to intensify the aroma. Oud holds the centre of this creation as a magnificent signature encapsulating passion, prominence and transcendent.

Noor blends together enigmatic dark nuances of rose and oud with spicy cardamom in perfect harmony. This alluring fragrance reveals fresh top notes of lemon, orange and green accord opening the path to a harmonious heart of intoxicating rose and oriental Jasmine while an intense base of oud is gently sweetened by a touch of balsamic amber and patchouli. This blend of powerful and indulgent aromas creates a unique scent that is designed to captivate and enthral.

Commenting on the launch, a spokesperson from Rasasi Perfumes, said “We are thrilled about the launch of Nebras Al Ishq, a trio of perfume oils that complement each other whilst each being one-of-a kind. This, like all our previous endeavors was a labor of love so with this as our inspiration we created Nebras Al Ishq to represent the luminosity of love. Perfect for fragrance aficionados who pride themselves of wearing scents blended with the finest exotic fruits, rich woods and gourmand notes; Shorouk, Wahaj and Noor each tell a captivating story of love, luminosity and luxury.”