‘Power 2’ is poised to uplift spirits this Ramadan

Zenofer Fathima’s latest independent short film, ‘Power 2’, premiered last night at Marriott Hotel in Al Jaddaf, Dubai.  The release of this movie sequel is true to the essence of the season, evoking the spirituality of the holy month of Ramadan.

“Just in case you need a little reminder that miracles do happen, the ‘Power 2’ is the film to watch.  The film tells a beautiful story about faith.  The power of prayer is universal and transcends faith and religion. We might not realize it, but I believe that all of us do experience miracles big and small, and I have conceptualized this movie as a means to cultivate gratitude within us,” Zenofer said.

Zenofer, who plays the lead character in the movie, goes with her cameraman and driver to the desert in search of a shoot location. Frustrated with the long route, Zenofer urges the driver to take a short cut so they can retire back to their hotel before the sun sets.  The driver, however, hesitates to take the shorter route explaining to Zenofer about stories of paranormal occurrences happening in the area. Their drive through this route delivers the edgy and suspense sequence in the film, leading to an artfully crafted climax that is sure to inspire viewers.

“The original Power movie started a conversation about the true spirit of Ramadan. My experience with how my strong faith has yielded miracles to this day instigated my desire to share another story that could inspire others, especially during this Holy month,” Zenofer commented.

Zenofer, who has been gaining recognition for producing film projects that focus on creating social change on a particular issue, is successfully helping redefine the purpose of the film industry to include important social values.

“There is an opportunity to share with moviegoers, stories that can teach and inspire. The Power 2 reveals an emerging ethos of doing good.  We have such a rich treasure of talents to tap and I see myself working harder so that we can create more movies that we can feed our souls,” added.


Power 2 is now available for viewing on Zenofer’s official YouTube channel House of Zen.