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Patek Philippe presents a bouquet of technical and aesthetic debuts

  The manufacture is launching a new grand complication with a perpetual calendar and an innovative, patented in-line display. The famous Calatrava with the “Clous de Paris” bezel makes a strong comeback with a contemporary design


The manufacture is launching a new grand complication with a perpetual calendar and an innovative, patented in-line display. The famous Calatrava with the “Clous de Paris” bezel makes a strong comeback with a contemporary design and a new manually wound movement. The patented Annual Calendar celebrates its first appearance in a round steel case with an integrated metal bracelet. The Calatrava ladies’ model with a guilloched, blue lacquered dial has a slightly larger case and now accommodates a self-winding movement. These new facets reflect Patek Philippe’s extensive know-how and enrich the very broad and continually updated collection in many segments that fulfill the expectations of women and men.







As the last independent, family-owned Genevan watchmaking company, Patek Philippe stands out with a rich range of watches for ladies and gentlemen. As a specialist for complicated timepieces (they make up nearly half of the current collection), the company has a leading position in watch design as evidenced by some of the most recent and important iconic models of our era – including designs such as the Calatrava or the Golden Ellipse.  In the domain of casual elegance, Patek Philippe stands in the forefront with two models that have become genuine cult objects: the Nautilus and the Aquanaut. Today, the manufacture’s collection embraces about 140 different references that are produced in small series with a dozen watches to a few hundred pieces for which a broad selection of movements is available, all of them crafted in the company’s own workshops. Year after year, this collection is evolved in a conceptually balanced manner.





Patek Philippe is enriching this first spring bouquet with four new models that reflect the technical and design know-how, showcasing the many different métiers and talents pursued in the company’s ateliers. These debuts for 2021 will be followed by further launches in the course of the year.



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